Incredible Sales Cadence

Sales Cadence in Inside Sales Box installs military grade order to a continuously improving sales follow-up process. It enables sales leaders develop habits that are consistent, predictable, and drive results

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Sales Cadence Dashboard
Sales Cadence Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation for Follow Ups

Never miss a follow up due to omissions. With Inside Sales Box, follow up in context, dexterously across all channels - email, phone, social media and “the new channel that will break-out


Follow Up email Templates and More

Standardize and quicken sales activities with social media populated personalised templates for email, Voice mail and tasks.
A/B testing options available for high traffic teams.

sales cadence follow up template

sales cadence daily work plan

Daily Work plan Simplified

Get a view of your day in one shot thanks to an automatically prioritized calendar.Execute similar tasks together with total focus on sales prospecting.

Social Media Cadence

Sometimes phone, at times social and all times e-mail; your prospects know better how to give you a hard time. Tag along artfully with a scientific social selling cadence.

social media sales cadence

sales cadence logging activity

No More Activity Logging

Inside Sales Box automatically captures all Lead activity, so Reps don’t undertake mundane manual entries. They focus on qualifying leads quickly, following up on time and progress opportunities in context.

Analytics and more Analytics

Inside Sales Box analytics engine pinpoints the best times to call; prompts email templates that get replies, and eventually builds the steps to a successful sales path.

analytics in sales cadence

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