Incredible Sales Cadence

Prospecting Cadence in Inside Sales Box is not at all complicated. The Platform assists in accelerating sales with the right mix of Email-Call-Social. It allows sales team to develop habits that are efficient and result driven.  

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Sales Cadence Dashboard
Sales Cadence Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation for Follow Ups

A crucial element in sales, following-up with Inside Sales Box is a breeze. Select pre-built email templates and voicemail for correspondence with prospects/persona.

No more omissions, delay in response or elimination of touch points.


Simple yet Powerful Sales Emails

Add a personal touch by drafting customized email templates. Auto login makes easy to check and send emails. Configure Email within Inside Sales Box for fast and quick email management.


sales cadence follow up template

sales cadence daily work plan

Daily Work Plan Simplified

Get a view of the tasks for the day in a single shot. Prioritize calendar, exectue similar tasks  with complete focus on sales prospecting.

Social Media Cadence

Track all the Social Media activities within Inside Sales Box. From Social Prospecting to Pre-targeting to Engagment, get personal with prospects with a scientific social selling cadence.

social media sales cadence

sales cadence logging activity

Accelerate and Streamline Lead Management

Inside Sales Box automatically minimizes mannual activities and double connects.  Allows Reps to concentrate on qualifying leads quickly. 

Perfomance Tracking and Analytics

 Measure performance with A/B testing. Analyze with follow-up process works best. Prospecting cadence no longer based on guesswork but driven by analysis and numbers.  t

analytics in sales cadence

Always stay a step ahead of your prospects, get started now !

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