Lead Management
Software for Sales

Speed up Lead generation, Lead distribution, Lead tracking and closure; whilst driving rep engagement and autonomy, to achieve sales marketing alignment.



Lead Management Software for Sales
Smart Import in Lead Management Software

Smart Import

Import contact lists in any format. ‘Smart Import’ auto detects headers and maps them to corresponding contact fields.


In ‘One-click’, the prospect is literally inside sales box, saving inside sales reps trouble of copy pasting prospect information from a browser to a CRM

Omni in Lead Management Software
Lead Distribution in Lead Management Software

Lead Distribution

Effectively reduce lead response time by Auto distributing leads with the help of rule sets.

Be better Organized

Search intuitively to find leads; plus use tags for personal preferences and creating ‘bucket lists'

Be Better Organised with Lead Management Software
Only Actions with Lead Management Software

Action Everywhere

Call prospects, follow up on email; pure sales actions continuously prompted by an ergonomic user interface design.

Omnipresent Integrations

Connect 'by default' with Salesforce, Zoho and 300 other apps without clicking any integrate' buttons. Integrations are out-of-the-box, literally.


Omnipresent Integrations in Lead Management Software

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