Writing a Sales Email? 10 Traps You Should Avoid


When writing a sales email there are many templates and formulas out there on how to get it right, but not all advice is good advice and everyday hundreds of sales emails which have been slaved over, just end up in the junk folder and are deleted without being read. If you don’t want that to happen to your amazing copy then avoid these 10 common traps. 

1. Creating an amazing subject line – with appalling body copy

There is much talk about email subject lines and what the perfect line should be to ensure a high opening rate, but it’s equally important that the content of the email matches up with the subject line otherwise your reader will feel disappointed. Don’t fall into the trap of spending hours coming up with the most witty, amazing subject line and then just bashing out some sales patter for the body copy.

2. Getting the person’s name wrong 

Make sure your data is correct and that the email address matches the name you are using. There is nothing worse than receiving an email with your name spelt wrong, or even worse, a completely different name on it all together. Take your time to research the person you are contacting to make sure you have their name and title correct. 

3. Using really long-winded wordy sentences

People don’t have time to read long emails – particularly ones they aren’t expecting.  Keep it short, punchy and to the point. If people can’t understand what it is you are asking in a couple of sentences they will switch off and delete the email. Make it very clear what the email is about and why you are contacting them.

4. Writing about yourself

The aim of a sales email is ultimately to secure a sale – so don’t write an email that’s all about you and what you do. “It should be about the customer’s pain points and how you can solve all of their issues for them. Don’t send paragraphs describing all the features of your latest product design – nobody is interested in that” – explains Kathryn Dillon, a Sales Manager at Resumention and Bigassignments newsletter writer. 

5. Not including the benefits of buying from you

The email needs to include some benefits otherwise why would the reader go on to take action and buy from you. It needs to include the benefits of the product directly, or any special benefits to taking action now, such as a limited time discount offer, or a discount code only available in this email.

6. Thinking one email fits all

If you try to send out one sales email to a huge list of prospects, with no personalization or segmentation, they will smell it a mile away. It is bad practice to mass email out to people nowadays and it never works anyway. You need to segment your audience and tailor sales messages to each of the audiences personally.

 7. Not including a specific call to action 

So many emails start well, with personalisation, continue with an interesting case study or product story, only to end abruptly. You need to make it very clear what you want the reader of your email to do next. What action do they need to take as a result of reading your email?

8. Forgetting to edit and spell check first

There is nothing more off putting than receiving an email with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors – it creates a really bad impression. Always check before you send.
There is no excuse for not checking as there are many tools you can use to edit and check emails:
State of Writing and Studydemic – general email formatting and writing tools
Ukwritings – online editing tool to provide you with a needed assistance
Easy Word Count – a tool that helps keep the length in check
EliteAssignmentHelp – a tool to help with subject line ideas, as recommended at Huffington Post Citeitin and Boomessays – use these tools if you need to add references to an email
Grammarix and Essayroo – online grammar checkers and guides to create accurate emails

9. Not including contact details 

There is nothing more annoying than receiving an automated email which has a do not reply address, and then finding there are no ways to contact the sender. If you want someone to become a customer make sure they can contact you – include an email address or website address. 

10. Not running a spam check

Most email systems now allow you to run a spam check so you can make sure your subject line doesn’t automatically result in your email being sent to the trash can. If you don’t do these checks there is a chance your email will never be seen.

Whenever you are drafting a sales email, take your time to make sure you don’t fall into any of these easy traps. Draft something that is easy to understand, clear and specific and make sure it is tailored to your audience and you can’t go far wrong.

About the Author:

Freddie Tubbs is a sales strategist at Australian help. He is writing an Academized educational blog, and is a regular expert writer at the Vault and Paperfellows blog.

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