Will Inside Sales Software stay outside the Marketing Technology mesh?

Recently I came across a few reports and research papers by Aberdeen, Forrester, and ChiefMartec.

These were great and very insightful, but nothing was as good as the “Marketing Technology Supergraphic” by ChiefMartec.

No, I won’t be explaining the supergraphic here.

ChiefMartec has been making these since 2010. Let’s just understand some of the sales related highlights and check where Inside Sales Software stands in the marketing technology mesh.

Highlights from the Supergraphic

Bringing together Marketing and Sales

Sales was not part of the supergraphic until 2013. In the first appearance itself, Sales and Marketing were put together. In 2016, everybody knows how close sales and marketing have come and it is extremely difficult to draw a differentiating line.

Will Inside Sales Software stay outside the Marketing Technology mesh?

Nowadays, every sales product has a marketing integration and every marketing product is extending towards sales. Latest example being HubSpot. Have you seen their recently launched ‘HubSpot Sales’ for accelerating sales processes?

Fast-Evolving Space of Inside Sales Software  

There is a constant increase in the space Sales Softwares have been taking in the supergraphic every year. 

Just Kidding 

Even the smallest sales enabling activity is an opportunity for custom software. Companies are coming up, even for the smallest sales needs like email tracking, calling, lead management and cadence. This partially explains the reasons why the Inside Sales Software is growing and evolving.   

Human Capital Development is Essential

The pleasant presence of Sales Enablement and Intelligence in 2016 shows the direction in which sales is progressing.

Listing of companies like MindTickle who directly deal with sales readiness and enablement from a learning perspective supports our mission of sales coaching. We believe in the tribal way of learning and that is what we have achieved at Inside Sales Box with a software, integrated with sales coaching. 

So ChiefMartec, do we get a separate Box for Inside Sales Software in 2017?


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