Will HubSpot become an Inside Sales Software?

HubSpot Sales wasn’t a surprise (at least to me), they were already pretty much into it with Sidekick.

Now, the messaging has changed and they have started to talk Sales Acceleration.

I recently read a blog of a friend who recently met Ryan Bonnici from HubSpot. Do you know him? Ryan discussed the future of HubSpot in India and the overall direction as a product. It looked like they are moving towards sales quickly and want to capture the sales acceleration space.

It would actually make more sense for HubSpot to move towards Inside Sales Software? Wouldn’t it? 

What makes HubSpot a potential candidate for an Inside Sales Software?

Will HubSpot become an Inside Sales Software?

Here are some symptoms one would expect from an inside sales software that HubSpot has shown :


The vision is to become a CRM which has everything spoked around it. The acceptance of a CRM is universal and it would actually make more sense for them to become a complete marketing and sales software. 

Or Mar-Sales Tech, as it is being termed these days.

HubSpot is against cold calling and cold email blasts. The same thing is emphasized upon by most inside sales software – Call with context and personalize emails at scale


Inside Sales Software is different because it has email, calling, lead management and CRM integrated in it all together. One stop solution for any inside sales rep

HubSpot is a similar case for marketers – It is a complete inbound marketing automation software along with a CRM. Now they have moved onto sales automation and acceleration. The HubSpot Sales product includes email templates, calendar notifications, crm, calling software, email tracking and much more for a sales team. 

Marketing and Sales

HubSpot started as an Inbound Marketing software and is now steadily moving towards sales. Salesforce just did the opposite, they are moving from sales to marketing. Sales and marketing are moving towards each other and this trend was highlighted long back in 2013 by Chief Martec.

I personally feel that HubSpot will never call itself an Inside Sales Software but has the full potential to become one. 

What do you think?


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