Why, When and How to Ask for the Sale – Are you Doing it Right?

Ask for the Sale

For most sales reps, selling is the ultimate proposition. Their career hinges on how much business they bring. There is nothing better than sales happening at the right time, as more often than not, you end up achieving your targets.

But, at the same time, there are 3 questions that reign in the minds of the sales rep during the sales process. They are:

Why ask for a sale?

It is important for a sales rep to know that it is always a ‘No’ until and unless you ask for a sale. If you have to reach your goal and set the business rolling, you must ask for the sale. These are the major reasons behind it.

When to ask for a sale?

Timing is everything, as it sets your future up with the prospect. If you ask for the sale very early in your conversation, they might feel that you are here to sell and only sell. If you ask very late, they might get the impression that you lack confidence and self-belief. Hence, the timing for this is very important. Here are a few instances when you can ask for the sale.

  • Once they agree with your benefits: As a sales rep, you have to make them agree with the fact that the solution you provide is beneficial for them. Once they agree to it, you have to press the trigger and ask for the sale. It is the best time to ask for a sale as both of you are on the same page.
  • Knowing your solution would help them with their priorities: Once you know the priorities of your prospect could be met by your product, a sale can be asked for. Do not delay in letting them know what you are there for and how it could be helpful for them.

How to ask for a sale?

Once you have built a good relationship with the prospect, you can move on to this step. You can follow various techniques for the same.

  1. Time frame: Give your customers a time frame to make a decision. This will help you to speed up the process and also help you to know if the prospect is really interested or not. For example, “Hello Mr. Joel. Could you please come up with a decision by the 30th of this month, as I may not be able to provide you with this offer after that.” This will create a sense of urgency in the minds of the prospect and if they are really interested, they will push for getting the solution.
  2. Company policy:  When things get a little difficult, you can use your company policies to set things rolling. You can look to close the sale in 3 different fashions:
  • Hard close: Here you can tell your prospect that, they have 20 days time to choose and decide.
  • Medium close:  Let them know the advantage of buying it now and how impactful it will be for them.
  • Soft close: This can be used when they are not taking the first step forward. You can always lend your hand by making it easier for them initially. An example for it could be, sending them a quotation for the product to make things easier for them.

As explained in each of the above questions, asking for a sale is of utmost priority for every sales rep, as it paves the way for your future. Most of the times, sales rep do not ask for a sale as they fear for failure. But, what is more important, is to know that in order to be a successful sales rep, you have to get things done, and asking for a sale is one of the major factors in getting things done.

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