Why Should SDR Use Global Search in Inside Sales Box?


Sales development reps come across a large number of leads every day. Even though there are smarter filtering options, often these options exist in silos, forcing the sales reps to spend extra time in selecting the right parameters to search for a specific lead from the filters. Thus, to counter the constant demand to locate a specific lead information quickly in the system, it is imperative that the search option is optimised to provide a quicker access to the information that reps require.Global search is one such functionality that helps to search any lead data in Inside Sales Box instantly.

How Does Global Search Work?Whenever a keyword like-first name, last name, phone number, company, country and email-id  is entered in the search bar, the Global Search executes results based on the search criteria.

Here is how you can use Global Search.

    1. Self-Suggestions by Global Search: As you enter a keyword in the Global search bar located on the top, it will offer some self-suggestions based on the results fetched from the available records. You can select one of the results from the suggestions depending upon your requirement.
    2. Advanced Search Mechanism: You can use a word to search a lead, the keyword that you enter in the search bar displays all the leads that are associated with that specific word. For example, if you search with the word ‘Mich’, then it will filter out all the leads that have Michelle, Michael, Sawmiche, Larmichel in lead details.
    3. Add a Lead/ Phone Number/ Email: If the global search fails to display the leads based on the keyword, it lets you add that lead in the system. For any phone number/ email id that is not present in the record, it lets you call or email by creating a new lead in the system.

With all these amazing features of Global Search, reps can initiate faster keyword search on the bulk data in Inside Sales Box that is conveniently located at the top.



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