Why Introverts Make Great Inside Sales Reps

Introverts Make Great Inside Sales Reps

When the word sales rep pops up, few things that comes into one’s mind is aggressive, candid, unreserved, communicative, persuasive, etc. There are many stereotypes about sales reps and those who thrive in the job, the most common being their persuasive skills.

In a way it makes sense, as it is important for a sales person to talk and push the buyer continuously. However, one has to be aware of the fact that not only extroverts can be great at sales. An introvert can be great too, in fact, even better than an extrovert.

Here are few of the unique strengths introverts bring to the table:

1) Good at listening: Indulging in inside sales means the seller should be good at listening. A lot many times an inbound lead do not get converted because rather than listening to the prospect your sales rep never stops talking. The main objective of an inbound lead call should be to listen to the prospect and understand their problem and provide a solution to them through your product / service. If this doesn’t happen, you fail to build a bridge of trust among the prospects and end up not being able to form a long term association with them. At the end of the day, the solution matters and not the sales pitch.

An introvert sales rep plays the role of listening to the prospect perfectly, as it comes naturally to them.

2) They exude calmness: One of the major advantages of being an introvert sales rep is they always remain calm and composed. An introvert sales rep, due to the personality trait, actively listen and speak softly, irrespective of the type of client at the other end. Introverts are known for prepping before a client meeting. By preparing well, they make sure that they have the answers for most questions thrown at them. Even when they face small niggles during the conversation, they make sure that the client is not left unsatisfied.

3) Form long term relation with the client: Since an introvert tends to listen more, there is every chance that, the buyer feels comfortable and confident about the sales rep and his views, thus, forming a healthy relation with the sales rep. One of the well known traits of an introvert is that, they are more comfortable talking to people with whom they already have a relationship. Regular communication allows you to spot up-sell and cross-sell opportunities quickly.

4) Understand the problem: Since introverts tend to listen more, they let the client go on and on and on. This helps the sales rep in a big way because more often than not the client may spill the beans. Thus, the problem is totally known and the sales rep can modify the pitch in such a way that lets the client know about the solution.

5) Soft spoken: Since, most introverts are soft spoken, the client may feel respected and wanted.  Sometimes a sale may take place just because of the seller and not totally due to the solution. There are many clients who end up buying the product or rendering the service or not doing that at all due to the attitude of the sales rep. Most introverts are generally soft spoken who keep a low toned voice throughout the conversation that radiates calmness. This sort of trait keeps the conversation and the relationship between the two in a good space, because, irrespective of the situation the sales rep will stay calm.

6) Do not make assumptions: One of the advantages of having an introvert sales rep is that they do not make assumptions. If a lead is viewing a certain page or has clicked a certain link, it doesn’t guarantee that they have a persisting need for your offering. It is always advisable for sales reps to start afresh and let the lead speak their mind.

This is actually beneficial in two ways. Firstly, the lead never gets to know that you are tracking all their activities. Secondly, it allows them to speak out what they want to and not answering what you want to hear. An introvert sales rep succeeds immensely because they refrain from being judgemental and overly persisting.

As said earlier, an introvert execute sales tasks successfully due to their personality trait. It is also known that introverts have gone on to become great leaders, from Bill Gates to Abraham Lincoln. A sales organization should have a good blend of introverts and extroverts to build an all-star sales team. There are a lot of things one can learn from both these personality traits.  

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