Whither Inside Sales Software?

It’s a bird… It’s a plane…

Ok, I am not even close to talking about Superman.

Inside Sales Software sometimes gives me the same feeling – not as invincible as Superman, though.

In this case, the question marks are a little different.

Marketing Software?

Calling Software?

Marketing Automation?


Lead Management Software?

Inside Sales Software. Heck, yeah.

Have you got a sense of the challenges I face as an Inside Sales SaaS Entrepreneur? 

Our colleagues at insidesales.com started it all and we are still playing it out, even after 10 years.

The sector is still evolving. Really? How would a chicken feel inside an egg for years? 

Whither Inside Sales Box

Inside Sales Software is VUCA, partially. Complexity and ambiguity is inherent to this space that is at the cusp of marketing and sales. Especially with the advent of google which the person on the other end can use anytime to look you up and establish an impression.(which they usually do)

This confusion can be described along two vectors – traditional and the modern.


Customer service call centers and outbound calling outfits have created and fomented (mildly) this perception that everything around sales is only about calling.

While I see this impression waning, but it keeps rearing its head, time and again.


This is where all the action is. That is the good news. The bad news is that it is all very complicated. There are many reasons for it. I may not know all of them, but here are some of them.

Inbound marketing

The way people buy has changed, forever. Whether it is B2B or B2C, buyers are taking increasing responsibility for their purchases. And businesses will always have ‘one’ less tool to determine their behavior.

Social Personas

The sales process now has to contend with an adundance of social media information on the prospect even before the first sales meeting. And that requires more tools.


Everyone now has one, and often, more than one. And this means on-the-go computing and the associated challenges. And that means more tools for businesses to make sense of their market participants.


This old 20th century communication channel still dominates B2B transactions. It has traveled far and wide, from desktops to blackberry to apps and everything along the spectrum. It continues to be the focus of all sales and marketing software, with new developments happening virtually everyday. And nobody seems done with it, just yet.


What is business without calling?

To be continued…


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