When should you buy an Inside Sales Software?

Prospects are often found confused even after asking for a demo or trial. 

The confusion is whether to invest in a sales software or not. Buying an inside sales software is about the need and not hygiene at this point.

The entire spectrum of sales is in a state of flux. The shift to technology driven sales is making sales predictable and easy on one side. But on the other side, sales leaders have to make sure they invest in the right technology (when needed). 

Inside Sales Software is not for everyone – Having already explained who shouldn’t buy a sales management software, let’s find out when should a company invest in an inside sales software.

Triggers for Buying an Inside Sales Software

When should you buy an Inside Sales Software

Productivity Issues

According to a research conducted by The BridgeGroup, sales productivity is a top sales challenge for 65% of B2B organizations.

Is it for you as well? 

An inside sales software will surely boost your SDR’s productivity. With features like cadence, email templates, rhythm, and reminders, he surely isn’t missing on any follow ups.

Coaching and Training

AA-ISP says, “Training and coaching constitutes a top sales challenge”. Most sales managers would agree to this statement. 

Even if an attempt is made to coach sales reps, they find it suffocating. It isn’t an easy task coaching all SDRs at once. An inside sales software can help you counter all such issues and coach SDRs in a trivial manner.

The sales coaching feature can help you listen to live calls or recorded calls, annotate timings and give feedback in a way as easy as commenting on Facebook.  

Lead Management

When you realize that lead management is getting tough, and excel can no longer serve the purpose, let an inside sales software come to your rescue. 

Automate processes, tag leads, distribute through rules and import leads from all your social media platforms in a nick of time with a single click.  

Tool Stack Management

Do you have a tool each for calling, lead management and email?

Do they integrate well? 

If not, then maybe it’s time to look for an all-in-one inside sales solution.

Did I miss something? If you’re aware of any more triggers, please share through your comments. 

Now that you know when to buy an inside sale software, find out what should an inside sales software include.


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