When is the Best Time for Inside Sales to Call their Prospects?

When is the Best Time to Contact  Inside Sales Prospects by Phone

Inside Sales reps are required to master various roles to push leads into their pipeline. At the time of prospecting they become a private investigator. During pitching they take up the role of a solution consultant. When following-up they become the master of words. Sales reps have a lot going on their plate, but the best of the lot is when they become psychologists, identifying the behavioral patterns of their prospects and taking advantage of it. This helps them operate and adapt to the conditions of the client’s convenience.

Everyone will agree that reaching a high-level executive on the phone on the first try is a rare phenomenon. But according to a recent study by Bridge Group and AG Salesworks, more than 40% of high-level executives are willing to answer calls from inside sales reps. Why? It is all attributed to Sales Engagement Hubs and Sales Acceleration Platforms. When the reps are provided with clear and relevant information on key decision makers, they are able to address their needs and their pain-points. It is all about personalization. A bland pitch by a sales rep will not get him/her beyond the gatekeeper. Another major contributor to this uprise is Local Number Masking functionality that alters the number of the rep’s caller ID to a local number, which increases both the chances of picking up the phone and builds credibility to the caller.

Now that we have agreed on the fact that phone calls help inside sales a lot more than it used to, we need to know how this can be used to your advantage. High-level executives, key decision makers, etc are willing to answer your phone calls, but you cannot expect them to answer every call of yours. You will have to strategize each and every call that you make to your prospect. The foremost step; identifying the “Best Time” to call. Inside sales reps should not just know whom to call, but when to call. This will beyond doubt, maximize the chances of adding prospects to your pipeline.

  • Research on Existing Information

Inside Sales reps normally call prospects on intuition- that they might be available during this time, the gatekeeper will be on a break, etc. This is the age of data, and now sales teams are entirely data-driven; mere intuition is not going to help your team. Implement a data-based sales prospecting strategy. Here is a simple infographic that will help you in identifying prospecting windows to call:

When is the Best Time to Contact  Inside Sales Prospects by Phone

  • Holidays should be Call Blitz Days

Call blitz days have become a common approach in inside sales organizations, where reps overdrive their calling streaks pushing sales metrics off the charts. During holidays inside sales reps normally take a time-off, but little do they know about the potential of call blitzing at this time. Holidays have become very feasible for this approach, because nowadays executives work during holidays too, and especially if they work for start-ups. Holidays are not anymore insignificant for lead generation.

  • Utilize sales call metrics

With evidence-based and data-driven sales prospecting overpowering intuitions, examining your own sales call metrics will help you in coming up with an accelerated calling strategy. You might observe that your industry or organization has a better trend of calling success in Fridays, which were normally considered as the worst days to call prospects. It is very critical for inside sales managers to closely examine the call metrics to truly ascertain the times when leads enter the pipeline.

These guidelines would definitely help you in generating more leads in your pipeline, but shouldn’t be an excuse NOT to call your clients everyday. Top inside sales performers take the whole day to their advantage for reach outs, follow-up, and closures.

But always give absolute priority to inbound inquiries over anything else.

Let me know what works for your business? When are the best times you have got the most connects?

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