What does Sales Acceleration actually mean?

Sales acceleration technologies have enjoyed a steady rise in popularity among industry leaders over the past few years. 

Companies such as Gartner, Aberdeen and ABI Research have predicted a $30 billion market for sales acceleration technologies by 2017

The numbers are certainly shiny, but what exactly is Sales Acceleration? Going by the conventional definition it is a set of tools that drives and pushes your sales cycle and processes.

Inside Sales Box has something out of the box.

Never miss a Follow Up

A sales acceleration software usually sits on top of your CRM and generates reminders for daily follow ups.

Sales Acceleration Software

Pure sales actions like calls, follow up emails, social touchpoints are continuously prompted by an ergonomic user interface design. Sales reps get a view of their daily workplan through an automatic calendar, similar tasks can executed in a bunch maintaining the focus on sales prospecting. 

This boosts sales productivity and no follow ups are ever missed. 

Always have a Follow Up Process

Sometimes call, all times email and rarely social. Seems random? Create and define a sales cadence with proper touch points so that when you finally call the prospect, it isn’t cold.

Develop a consistency culture by always having a follow up process. This enables sales professionals develop habits that are consistent, predictable and drive results.

Communication Templates 

Have ready communication templates (Email, Call & Social) with the right jargon according to persona, channel, geography and designation.

Stay a step ahead of your prospects and take total control of your prospecting efforts with communication scripts and templates.

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