What Can Outbound Sales Learn From Inbound Leads?

Outbound sales and inbound sales

We have all heard the buzzword “Inbound sales”. Basically it means selling to prospects that have shown some level of interest in your product/service and are inside your sales funnel because of your marketing efforts. With Inbound marketing picking up at a  rapid pace, especially in the B2B tech space Inbound sales has evolved very fast. And, it is time that one leverages another. 

With the advent of websites, apps, webforms & marketing automation platforms companies are spending huge on acquiring inbound leads either through paid media, PR, SEO optimization or providing valuable content as blogs, e-books and case studies covering all the three stages of Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

But are organizations able to generate enough inbound leads? Sadly No!

A very large percentage of organization still struggle in acquiring inbound leads. And hence they turn to outbound sales. Buying contact lists that matches target customer personas and rolling out on those cold calls. Outbound lead generation methods are considered outdated today, but the truth is, it’s still being done on a large scale and some have mastered it and some still struggle. But if you got a marketing mix of both outbound and inbound sales outreach in place, there are a few pointers from Inbound that can always be utilized while doing outbound. Especially, if sales and marketing alignment in your company is still hanging on a thin thread.

Inbound Customer Queries

Majority of the Inbound leads highlight their pain points when looking for a product/service. Outbound sales reps can always take a cue from their inbound counter parts to craft better emails and highlight the persona pain points.

Customer Persona

At times organizations have a lot of confusion over the ideal customer persona they want to target with their Outbound efforts.  Inbounds customer profiling can help them exactly with this, identifying the Company type, Industry, Revenue, Size, Company maturity and Industry maturity. Tweaking outbound efforts with these little inbound insights can make all the difference.

Go where Prospects Are

Inbound leads give you a good idea of where your prospects are. Yes I am talking about social media, event and conferences. Dialing cold won’t cut it for you. You need to be where your prospects are. If they are on linkedin, build your brand on linkedin. The more people recognise you, the more they trust you. And only then they buy from you.

Social media was never a part of Outbound. But today it’s not an option. It’s the  missing link to your success. Selling to your prospects is not easy and you have to have a presence where your prospects are.

With the advent of account based sales, it is going to get more relevant and sales reps need to be constantly in touch with all the stakeholders of an account. But in order to stand out, reps have to build their presence on different communication platforms, both virtual and over phone and come out as a valuable consultative seller.

Outbound Sales today is more challenging than ever and going completely with a cold outreach would be a failed strategy. Taking pointers from your product market fit and feedback on your inbound leads and then tweaking your strategy will surely help. I personally believe in experimentation and refinement, until you get your ‘secret formula’.

Let me know what do you guys think. How is the sales process mix at your organization and does your outbound team face similar challenges? Would love to have your feedback.

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