Voicemail Tips that Can be Valuable to your Sales Board

Voicemail Tips that can be Valuable to your Sales Board.png

You pick up your phone,

Dial the number,

Your call lands up in the voicemail.

What will your next step be? Will you call again or leave a powerful voicemail?

Let me tell you, out of all the dial-outs, maximum number of calls land up in voicemail. Research have also shown that 80% of calls go to voicemail, and 90% of first time voicemails are never returned.”

Your voicemail strategy should be powerful enough to convince the prospect to pick up his phone and dial your number back. Leaving a good voicemail might be difficult and even if you leave one it doesn’t give you the surety whether the prospects would play your message from their voicemail list. The response rate from email is much high in comparison to voicemails, but the value of leads from voicemails are generally of high quality  Thus, it becomes impeccable for sales reps to design a message that earns the interest of prospects and increases the curiosity to know more about your brand.

Don’t you think that each time you dial up a number, you want to sound your best. Presenting a polished message that comes out as a result of good script or the level of pre achieved motivation can provide your prospects with a compelling reason to call you back.

If you want to be perceived as a professional and differentiate your messages from the other 95%, you should definitely follow these six strategies to close more sales deals:

Start Practicing: In order to ensure the delivery of a perfect sales voicemail, it is necessary for you to practice well in advance. Make sure you practice each word repetitively, so that your message doesn’t contains “um’s and ah’s.” All reps need to do is to become deliberate in their practice. Before calling the prospect set up your goal, whether it is related to the length of the message, the tone you will use or the amount of confidence in message delivery. While executing the message, analyze the message. I.e., the plus points and the negative points in the call. After you hang up, evaluate your performance with the previous call. Pen down your weak points and areas for improvement. Also, listen to your prior recorded voicemails and calls so that you get a fair chance to build your version of  valuable and impressive note.

Keep it short: Focusing on the length of voicemails can be the second step while preparing one. Always remember that the customers today are tech savvy and they do not have much time to listen to your lengthy messages. They have the option to explore online for their ongoing requirements. A perfect sales voicemail should be short and crisp of around 20-30 seconds. Thus, on seeing an unknown number prospects immediately do not hit the delete button, rather hangs up after listening to the short piece of note left behind which might be of their interest.

Create an outline: Bullet points or punchlines help in creating an outline for your sales voicemails. You might be wondering that what sort of punchline or bullets you can include in your voicemail messages. For those who have been failing to convert the voicemail messages into callbacks, it is of utmost importance to create a spotlight around the outline.

Using the name of the prospect twice or thrice in the voicemail may help you in catching their attention to the message. Also, ending up the voicemail message by repeating your contact details twice will ensure that the prospect does not misses out on the useful information provided by you and even does not have to rewind the recording for noting down your details again.

Deliver prospect relevant information: Before picking up your phone make sure that you do an ample amount of research around the prospects requirement. If you want to hit the right lead, it is very necessary for you to backup your calling list with the efficient strategy. Studies have shown that “The average voicemail response rate is 4.8%.” With the help of social selling you can pull down the information that might grab the interest of the prospect. Often, it is seen that the voicemails starting with the name of sales rep and his company’s details ends up in the trash. Thus, delivering prospect relevant information can help reps in filling their sales bucket.

Avoid traditional close: Using lines like “I will call you back or I will get back to you on an xyz date” may sound irrelevant. When the prospects are not ready to listen to your voicemail in the first instance, why would they give you a second chance. Make sure that within the limited time frame, you convey a message that hits the pain point of the prospects and increases the sense of urgency for call back. Doing a bit of research around the other contacts in the prospects organization and mentioning them in the voicemail can help you in earning a callback.

Always leave a voicemail: Every time you call the prospect, it is necessary for you to leave a voicemail. There can be a possibility that your prospect is busy or caught up in some other urgent work and cannot respond to your messages. If you are leaving an unanswered call without a relevant message and repeating this every time, your prospect might get irritated. Thus, it is advisable for you to leave a voicemail with a question or set of questions. When prospects hear the same message again and again, they feel responsible towards answering your question which results in a callback.

Do you have any more tips to add?

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Happy Prospecting!


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