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6 Awesome Twitter Strategies for B2B Sales Prospecting

Twitter Sales Prospecting Strategies

We all have active social media profiles with more than 100+ connects but are we optimizing the most out of our social presence? We keep on posting photographs, sharing funny and interesting posts and chatting with people from all around the world but is this all about social media utilization? People are creating awareness all around aimlessly without knowing the true worth of social media optimization. Social media is much more than posting and sharing. In other words, it is the greatest tool to appreciate or demolish a brand's value.

Social media is also considered as an integral part of sales process. While the sales process may involve face-to-face interaction, many elements can be greatly aided through the consistent use of social media. Out of all the social media platforms, Twitter is considered as one of the greatest tools for sales prospecting. As we all know that Twitter is the fastest growing network with everyone from all over the world tweeting continuously, sales reps can smartly and efficiently generate great opportunities for themselves. With the optimization of twitter for sales process, reps have the opportunity to understand the buying behaviour of prospect and their decision making journey. So let's learn how you can set yourself for success in sales process by optimizing twitter for B2B sales prospecting:

  • Optimizing search: Twitter acts as one of the greatest tools for searching prospects from all across the world. People from different industry verticals keep on tweeting and sharing content continuously. By using Twitter, reps can be part of the most relevant conversations happening and can spot opportunities first by building relationships and strengthening customer trust. Reps can use the search box on the right hand side of the twitter page to search relevant tweets from their prospects. Accordingly, representatives can create a list of people whom they can follow for further engagement.


  • Monitoring conversations: After creating the list of specific people from relevant industry verticals, reps can start listening to the conversations being carried on by their target prospects. They can participate in the discussion by retweeting and replying on the conversation. They can also keep on searching for opportunities for buying signals like dissatisfaction with the competition and hence can assist the prospect by generating the need for their product. This builds a great level of engagement and helps the reps in getting noticed by the target audience. Hence active listening on social media is one of the greatest tools that reps can use for attracting more prospects. For example: In the below image, sales reps selling customer support software can search for conversations related to customer service and hence can seek for opportunities in the ongoing discussions.

Monitoring conversations:

  • Identifying influencers: Twitter has provided reps with a sophisticated tool to engage with influencers. Social media influencers are the ones considered to be thought leaders and trendsetters in their industry. Networking with people who have large audience and whose audience pays attention on every conversation taking place can be beneficial for reps. The audience can act as potential prospects for the reps in future. But the biggest challenge that reps face today is to get these influencers endorse the content you are sharing. Therefore, reps can comment and retweet their most interesting and relevant content. Reps can smartly share their own piece of content when the influencer shows genuine interest and at the same time should also avoid spamming by sharing irrelevant stuff.

  • Using Hashtags: One of the most effective ways of hunting prospects on twitter is by using hashtags. Reps must harness the power of hashtags and should learn to use them correctly. They should know which word to hashtag, when and how often to hashtag in order to boost conversions. Tweets with hashtags get two times more engagement than normal tweets. It is all about using the sign # in front of relevant keyword. For eg: salespeople leveraging different hashtags like #branding #BrandIdentity #Entrepreneurs for reaching out to their prospects can expect more conversions than those who don’t.

Using Hashtags

  • Elevating Deals:  Twitter is the best tool for starting a conversation with your prospects but at the same time can also make you look like a spammer. Therefore, reps should make it a habit to understand and listen to the ongoing conversations and then can strike up with any useful content of their own. A direct or a private conversation can be initiated if the prospect shows interest and follows you back. Later on these conversations can be moved offline by sharing email addresses or phone numbers. Even if the prospect doesn’t end up buying due to certain constraints, he will surely spread a good word of mouth about your brand if you will keep up by maintaining healthy and fruitful conversations.

  • Scheduling Tweets: Sales reps should know the right number of tweets they make in a day. Managing the number of tweets is tricky and doing it too often or too less may earn bad result. Research shows that “72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often.” Reps can schedule 5-6 engaging tweets in a day to earn prospects and at the same time should also ensure that the content they share is easily digestible for the audience. Reps can also tweet and retweet about the content being shared by the prospect and at the same time can also manage their rapport building activities by following the company blogs of the prospect. The key to this whole process is to make sure that the prospect knows you tweeted them. This can be done by adding their Twitter handle to the postings.

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