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How to Be in Sales And Not Be Depressed

There’s not a single job out there in this big, beautiful world which guarantees 100% fulfillment, ecstasy, and is stress-free. But also, this world is your oyster, and it is up to you to find your pearls.

It is easy to give up. Take a moment and soak in your surroundings. Look around. I am sure the guy sitting next to you or the girl sitting across would be equally ‘unhappy’ with something or the other. This is our generation, a generation of wants and needs. This statement becomes especially readworthy and thought provoking when your career starts to put you in a state of jeopardy and lends you dilemma. Inside sales can be a monster, which lives under your bed. Who needs that? We all have enough drama already in our lives. Isn’t it?

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Things to Say Instead of ‘How Are You?’ In A Sales Call

If you are a sales rep, you would inarguably understand the importance of being an extrovert or a people’s person. You would be aware about the importance of having good conversational skills, especially during a sales call.

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Designing the Perfect Sales Compensation Plan

Managing sales compensation plans is a delicate balancing act. It requires insights, knowledge and there is always a risk factor involved. To be in the top game, you need to have guts to show where your money lies and lure your workforce accordingly.

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5 Must Have Sales Productivity Tools

In a sales centric setup, it is very important to keep a tab of your sales reps productivity index. It can either make acquiring prospects easy, or it can all go haywire. This is why it becomes crucial to lean on some sales productivity tools and making selling from an every day’s chore.

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How to Stop Wasting Time Chasing Bad Sales Leads

One of the linchpins of marketing is how you approach inbound leads. With an inbound lead, there are multiple chances that you will end up successful. However, getting an inbound lead is not the end of it all. You still need to work towards making a ‘SALE’.

Many companies don’t put a quality check on their new sales leads. They simply pass every single sales lead to the sales team, even if the prospect is nowhere near ready to buy, or is a bad fit for what the company sells.

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5 Paramount Sales Management Metrics

For any business – big or small, if you want it to thrive and make money, you cannot overlook the importance of sales management metrics. This becomes especially true if your business has been ideated around sales performances, products and services.

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7 Key Sales Call Metrics To Boost Sales

In the present sales circuit, there is an abundance of data. There are many tracking tools, dialer technologies, CRM setups, monitoring platforms; and all this has created a vast repository of data, customer details, sales statistics, etc.

However, despite such grand reservoir of information, there can be a lot of times when your sales reps are underperforming when they are not able to get as many leads as you expect them to. It can also happen that their leads turn their backs on your business as soon as you reach a decision-making stage. It can partly be their fault, and it can be partly be yours.

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Progressive Statistical Approach for Effective Sales Process [Infographic]

While recruiting a sales team, sales managers take extra precautions to ensure that they hire the best sales reps to have a smooth sales process. They want their reps to have the most influential speaking tactics; they want them to be great when it comes to handling pressure; and they want them to be quick learners above everything else.

Most importantly, they seek people who are hard working and don’t give up easily. These traits can’t be taught, but a person can still acquire them and contribute towards enhancing a company’s sales process.

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Welcome to the World of A Sales Dialer

“The top salesperson in the organization probably missed more sales than 90% of the sales people on the team, but they also made more calls than the others made.” -  Zig Ziglar

How tedious it can be to be glued to the desktop or your high-tech laptop for hours and hours? How boring it can be to sort out contact details one after another, and keep on dialing numbers all day? It can be really annoying. I get that. But maybe that is because I have been on your side. I have had targets to keep up with and to do so, I had to put in efforts, a lot of efforts.

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How to Talk About Sales Competition without Bad-Mouthing Them

Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. - Nancy Pearcey

If you are in business, it would have become a part of your daily routine to hear certain phrases and words every day. One such word which would appear and reappear in most of your conversations - ‘competition’. These conversations can be with your prospects, your manager, or any random person from your sales circuit.

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