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How to Boost your Sales Development Skills in 2017

Well,Well, Well, A very happy new year to the global Inside Sales Family and all the readers. I hope you all had a gala time this winter holidays.This being my very first post of 2017 makes me feel very excited. I know all of you would have different goals for this year, both personal and professional. But one thing that truly unites us in this is we all want ourselves to be better than what we were in 2016. For e.g I want to be a better marketer, my account executive wants to close bigger deals this year. Essentially we all are trying to learn from our actions in 2016 for a better 2017.

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5 Key Traits Of A Modern Sales Development Rep


Role of a Sales Development Rep (SDR) is ever evolving and the modern SDR has come a long way from just cold calling and pitching the product. SDRs are well aware about their prospects’ environment and needs, are communicating with them via communication channels where prospects are more comfortable and they have taken the role of thought leaders and influencers to earn the most important thing in today’s buying process - Trust.

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