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10 Cold Calling Mistakes Agents should NEVER Commit!

People say cold calling is daunting and dreadful. Young agents are running away from it. Just like going up to a stranger and striking up a conversation can be scary, so can be cold calling. That is why we are now turning towards other channels to reach out to the customers - emails, social media, inbound marketing and what not. There are other sureshot ways to succeed in inside sales, but does that mean cold calling is dead? The answer is NO. It is still very much useful and revenue generating. We just need to let go of our traditional approach to cold calling and make it adaptable to present times.

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6 Reasons you are Losing Sales Deals

As a sales representative, you ought to lose some deals. As long as you are constantly winning clients, everything balances out. However, if you have started losing most of the sales deals which is keeping you from achieving your targets, it’s time to take a close look at the sales strategies and practices you are following. There are always concrete reasons why you are losing deals and it’s imperative that you figure those out those and correct them before you are in real trouble.

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Key Qualities that Define a Top Performing Salesperson [Infographic]

What separates a top performing salesperson from a regular one?

Most of us would say that there are some basic qualities and etiquettes that set apart a top performing salesperson. However, it is much more than meets the eye!

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User Generated Content To Boost Inside Sales [Infographic]

If you are in a marketing or inside sales domain, chances are that you know all about social media, SE0, SEM and their supporting configurations. The times are changing now, it is the moment that you start paying heed to content churning and data leveraging.

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What actually Motivates Salespeople - Recognition or Money ?

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

The first question that strikes my mind is - should money be the only key differentiator in motivating Salespeople? A lot of managers think that they should hire salespeople who are easily motivated by money, but I don't agree with that. Successful sales reps say that money should not be the only reason for salespersons to be motivated.

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How to Be in Sales And Not Be Depressed

There’s not a single job out there in this big, beautiful world which guarantees 100% fulfillment, ecstasy, and is stress-free. But also, this world is your oyster, and it is up to you to find your pearls.

It is easy to give up. Take a moment and soak in your surroundings. Look around. I am sure the guy sitting next to you or the girl sitting across would be equally ‘unhappy’ with something or the other. This is our generation, a generation of wants and needs. This statement becomes especially readworthy and thought provoking when your career starts to put you in a state of jeopardy and lends you dilemma. Inside sales can be a monster, which lives under your bed. Who needs that? We all have enough drama already in our lives. Isn’t it?

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How to Achieve Greater Sales Rep Effectiveness [Infographic]

We all have heard the term work-life balance. How many of us do actually embrace it? Not many I’d say. Another major missing aspect is, the lack of the ability in most of us, including your sales team to keep up with evolving nature of mobile and web technologies and get in ‘more business’.

Privacy has been and will continue to remain a primary concern for most of your buyers. But with the growing advent of mobile technologies, the thin line of demarcation between your sales reps personal lives and how much should they peep in your customer’s is blurring by the hour.

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What Can Outbound Sales Learn From Inbound Leads?

We have all heard the buzzword “Inbound sales”. Basically it means selling to prospects that have shown some level of interest in your product/service and are inside your sales funnel because of your marketing efforts. With Inbound marketing picking up at a  rapid pace, especially in the B2B tech space Inbound sales has evolved very fast. And, it is time that one leverages another. 

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7 Email Signature Goof Ups You Must Avoid In All Sales Emails

The most professional way and perhaps the easiest means of reaching out to a person is via email. Now that person can be a friend, a prospect or a business lead. And when the emails that you send hold such prominence in your work life and otherwise, don’t you think it would be foolish to take your email signatures for granted?

The answer is a loud ‘Yes’.

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Is your Sales Development Team doing Justice to Inbound Leads?

The Market today is a lot more competitive than it was a few years back.

Technology companies are popping up way faster than you can even imagine. Companies are fighting it hard to get their share of the pie and you don’t want to be left behind.

Often it is observed that you invest a lot of money on your marketing activities to get the precious inbound leads. You spend on Paid marketing, content marketing, SEO and what not, the last thing you want to see is your sales reps not religiously following up on your leads.

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