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Game Changing Inside Sales Trends You Should Know in 2018


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Dreamforce 2017 Rewind : Takeaways for Inside Sales Squad


Dreamforce may be over, but the key themes remain! Another inspiring edition of the biggest Tech-Sales event was held last week and during the four crazy days of absolute learning and discussion, few themes have stood out from the Inside Sales perspective. Let’s dive into the interesting stuff which will help you accelerate sales and hit your last quarter’s quota in 2017.

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Likely Sales Pipeline Management Hurdles of 2016

Every Inside Sales Manager understands how critical sales pipeline management is.

A study by Vantage Point Performance says that 44% of B2B executives feel that their existing sales pipeline management is ineffective.

Companies with effective pipeline management grow revenue 15% faster than companies with ineffective management.

Yet most businesses struggle. Through this blog, I'll cover some of the biggest hurdles your sales management team may face in 2016.

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3 Reasons to Follow A Sales Cadence

Converting a lead in the very first attempt is a dream that every sales guy cherishes. And then, there is reality.

Reaching out to prospects in today’s scenario is a totally different ball game. Prospects are overwhelmed with sales messaging thrown their way from all the possible routes. But what’s important is that today’s buyer is more knowledgeable and empowered than ever and knows what he/she needs even before approaching the seller. So, the question is how can salespeople move through this clutter to get the valuable time of their prospects.

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Sales Evolution : From Bartering to Intelligent Tools [Infographic]

‘Sales’ has been the oldest occupation from the very beginning. But as they say that change is the spice of life, the sales evolution saga cannot be overlooked. From being the oldest occupation to being the most dynamic field, sales evolution has seen it all.

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5 Hand-Picked Mobile Apps for Sales Reps

Last night, I woke up pretty hungry. It was around 10 PM, and I just did not have the patience to cook food. So, I took my smart phone and ordered a nice meal from one of the famous food-apps. It was delivered hot and fresh to me within minutes, without any added efforts or tedious routine work.

For a brief second, the power which technology and smartphones render to us overwhelmed me with such great pride. Hello Technology!

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5 Must Have Sales Productivity Tools

In a sales centric setup, it is very important to keep a tab of your sales reps productivity index. It can either make acquiring prospects easy, or it can all go haywire. This is why it becomes crucial to lean on some sales productivity tools and making selling from an every day’s chore.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator And Social Selling : The Art And Science of Selling

Many businesses are dwelling deep in this vast space of social selling. Facebook and Twitter had a lot of initial focus in this regard, but the game is changing with LinkedIn being the most comfortable option for sales reps to connect with prospects and for lead generation.

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Inside Sales Box Product Release

Inside Sales Box has come up with a ton of feature updates for July Release. Along with the major user interface changes, we have brought you some awesome feature enhancements that will keep you organised, save time and close more deals in your Q2.

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Time is of Essence - How to Boost Sales Productivity [Infographic]


If you are working in a sales circuit, you would unarguably understand the importance of time. You would realise that more time your sales team has, the more productive they would be. If you carefully monitor the average time they spend closing a deal or chasing a prospect, you can come to a conclusion that your sales productivity is heavily dependant on hours in a day.

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