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How to Maximize your Success Rate with Data-Driven Sales Forecast

How much revenue will you generate this quarter? How many leads or prospects will you convert from your sales funnel?

Are these questions being properly addressed by your sales manager?

The reason behind continuous failure is due to poor vision in projected sales which is an outcome of the out dated sales forecasting methodology. Accurate and efficient forecasting has always been a major concern for sales reps lagging behind their sales target. Studies have shown that “74% of sales leaders felt their company’s sales forecast were either only somewhat accurate or, in worst-case scenarios, not accurate at all.” Thus, a sales methodology without a proper sales forecast in place tends to degrade the quality of your team performance.

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User Generated Content To Boost Inside Sales [Infographic]

If you are in a marketing or inside sales domain, chances are that you know all about social media, SE0, SEM and their supporting configurations. The times are changing now, it is the moment that you start paying heed to content churning and data leveraging.

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How to Achieve Greater Sales Rep Effectiveness [Infographic]

We all have heard the term work-life balance. How many of us do actually embrace it? Not many I’d say. Another major missing aspect is, the lack of the ability in most of us, including your sales team to keep up with evolving nature of mobile and web technologies and get in ‘more business’.

Privacy has been and will continue to remain a primary concern for most of your buyers. But with the growing advent of mobile technologies, the thin line of demarcation between your sales reps personal lives and how much should they peep in your customer’s is blurring by the hour.

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What Can Outbound Sales Learn From Inbound Leads?

We have all heard the buzzword “Inbound sales”. Basically it means selling to prospects that have shown some level of interest in your product/service and are inside your sales funnel because of your marketing efforts. With Inbound marketing picking up at a  rapid pace, especially in the B2B tech space Inbound sales has evolved very fast. And, it is time that one leverages another. 

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Sales Dashboards - The Barometer Of Your Inside Sales Process


“In God we trust; all others bring data.”

This quote by W. Edwards Deming pretty much sums up everything when it comes to sales. Data not only enable sales leaders to make decisions but also guide sales reps to make the right move. So, it’s a no-brainer that data-driven approach will lead you to all the right places.

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