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How Do C-level Executives Make Buying Decisions?

Those who follow my LinkedIn articles must know my respect and admiration for sales and marketing expert, Tim Riester, also the Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions. I’d recently written an article recapping his brilliant talk on creating a "why change" dialogue with your customers, which was also the opening salvo for Digital Sales Camp.

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Know Your Buyer's Approach To Choose Sales Development Tool


As we all want to leverage sales technology to accelerate business sales, we should first have a look at the buyer’s journey. One might be wasting time on a tool which might be very innovative and efficient but won’t help in accelerating sales. Our buyer’s approach defines the sales development approach we should follow.

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Are You Looking To Scale Your B2B SaaS Sales?

I recently took part in one of the Playbook Roundtables organized by iSpirt. iSpirt organises roundtables for leadership cadre of Indian SaaS companies to drive growth through collaborative learning. Alok Goyal, Partner at Stellaris Ventures facilitated the Roundtable on "B2B Overseas Sales Scaling: 1 million USD ARR to 5/10 million USD ARR". It was interesting to see founders, Sales & Marketing heads and others management professionals from SaaS companies to come up with their business problems around sales scale up. In this blog I will be sharing 'curated' problems and solutions as discussed at the event and as per my research and experience.

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