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How to make your Sales Cold Email look 100% manually typed

Ask any sales professional and they would extol the value, sales 2.0 and automation, bring to sales prospecting.

My suggestion - just don't get them talking about it.

But not everyone is excited by automation. Why should they be? Especially, when it comes to the subject of personalization. Not easy to offer personalization at scale. Somehow, automation and personalization, are perceived to be on two different axes.

Through this article I wish to share, some very effective sales cold email tips that will make your email look 100% manually typed i.e. personalized.

Make your contacts feel, truly cared for. 

Now you will be able to spend more time with your warm leads without giving your cold contacts a feeling, that you don't care about them and couldn't spend 10 minutes extra in writing a personal email.

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5 Quick Tips for B2B Marketing Lists

If you are in the business of selling to other businesses, Marketing Lists is where you start. We have recently invested in a Marketing Automation System. In this post I would like to give you five quick tips to manage your lists better. 

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Hubspot and Call Center Solutions - Friends or Foes?

Dharmesh Shah of hubspot in his blog post in 2007 had predicted death of Telemarketing in 10 years. 

In another Article he says:

"So, instead of blasting the world with, you know, telemarketing and going to trade shows and sending out mailers and all the things we used to do back in the 80s and 90s to try and find customers, ... Why not write a blog and talk about why your product is going to change the world and why customers will benefit from it?"

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