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5 Dreadful Signs that your Lead Management Sucks!

“Hola, we have got fresh leads for our business,” the new marketing executive cried at the top of his voice to a rather apathetic team. For, they knew better about the sad state of lead management in their organization.

If your business has come face-to-face with a situation that somehow resembles the aforementioned state of affairs, you must be aware about the weight of effective lead management.

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Break-Up With Your Cold Inside Sales Leads

Being the optimists that about 90% of humans are, we always hope that inside sales leads which have gone cold are not yet lost. 

There are several theories you could make to justify why you have not been able to budge the prospect forward.

Maybe it's because decision makers are putting out internal fires or a new strategic priority has emerged. Maybe your competitor has been enticing them and they’ve decided to take more time to consider the alternatives. Maybe they’ve got cold feet about committing to a large purchase.

But, not every lead is worth taking forward and spending time on.

As businesses, we must also know when to end the relationship with them.

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Why Your Sales Process is Crippled without Inbound Lead Tracking

The world is not the same place you knew few years ago, it has changed in many ways than can be defined in a few sentences. With the emergence of internet as the primary mode of communication, the sphere of sales and marketing has observed paradigm and some irreversible changes.

The sales process primarily used to be confined to outbound leads and cold calling prospects till some years back. The tables have turned and now inbound sales prospecting has gained prevalence with the help of organic & paid website leads, social media, email marketing, and referrals.

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Progressive Statistical Approach for Effective Sales Process [Infographic]

While recruiting a sales team, sales managers take extra precautions to ensure that they hire the best sales reps to have a smooth sales process. They want their reps to have the most influential speaking tactics; they want them to be great when it comes to handling pressure; and they want them to be quick learners above everything else.

Most importantly, they seek people who are hard working and don’t give up easily. These traits can’t be taught, but a person can still acquire them and contribute towards enhancing a company’s sales process.

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Dig Best Sales Forecasting Methods

There are hundreds of professions. There are trillions of professionals and there are many customers. But, there is a one particular profession which demands excessive and rigorous qualities. It is the world of ‘Sales’. 

If you are sales rep, you need to be a smooth-talker; you need to be a people’s person. You need to have high-end persuasion skills, you need to dress up smartly, and you need to be enthusiastic. In short, you need to be a whole package to make it big - in this ‘big, fat’ sales industry. The opportunities are limitless, or so they say, all you need to do is push harder.

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Does your Lead Nurturing Process Suck?

Lead nurturing is an integral part of marketing, especially for businesses which are using inbound marketing for lead generation.

It helps you turn prospects into buyers with little effort. The process can never be perfect and after a series of hits and misses, you may arrive at a sweet spot but it won't stay for long.  

I won't be giving you lead nurturing lessons in this blog, but explain what Inside Sales Box does for lead nurturing and how we arrived at this process. This is the current process and we will keep working on it for further improvements. 

Stay Tuned!

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How to Align Sales & Marketing for B2B Lead Nurturing

In simple words, Lead Nurturing is all about engaging with your leads at each stage of the sales funnel, and grooming them via targeted content to move them further down the sales funnel, and finally convert them into customers.

This is the ideal scenario that everyone out there wants to achieve. However, majority of the organizations ignore the “targeted content” part. They bombard the prospects with weekly or monthly content based on their subscriptions & ignore the key aspects that would actually make the leads consume their content.

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