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Should SDR's be Generating their own Leads for Sales Prospecting?

Sales is challenging and there is no doubt about that. Getting that consistent grind on day after day is not an easy task. One of the biggest challenges companies face is having their sales team remain motivated. There has been a lot of buzz in the market on sales coaching, mentoring, and training.

But the key aspect many companies miss is the process, especially the smaller ones who just want their sales rep to hit the gas on random sales outreach. They don’t care; they just want results by bogging down their reps with too many tasks to handle.

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3 Key Tips to Close More Leads with Social Selling

Smaller high tech companies and startups have already generated 55% of sales from inside sales teams, and social selling is swiftly becoming one of the key skills for inside sales reps.

So, how successful have you been in driving more sales by closing more leads with social selling?

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator And Social Selling : The Art And Science of Selling

Many businesses are dwelling deep in this vast space of social selling. Facebook and Twitter had a lot of initial focus in this regard, but the game is changing with LinkedIn being the most comfortable option for sales reps to connect with prospects and for lead generation.

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5 Sales Mistakes that are Costing you Time and Money

Regardless of conflicting opinions, it can never be denied that sales reps are always at the center of a sales process, and the performance of a sales organization depends mostly on them. Thus, it is of utmost importance that sale reps know what works and and what doesn’t, in the world of sales.

To be the face of the organization needs a lot of care, as you put your image as well as the reputation of the organization on the line. At the same time, one needs to know that the organization has put a lot of investment to prepare sales reps for grueling tasks. Therefore, reps must try to avoid some costly sales mistakes while prospecting, to make sure that time and money are not getting wasted.

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6 Reasons Why Predictive Lead Scoring Beats Traditional Scoring

Lead scoring helps marketing teams to separate quality leads from the huge bunch of leads and hand them over to inside sales teams so that they are able to reach out to only those prospects who are ready to buy. These methods help in distinguishing potential customers from cold leads. Lead scoring methods attach scores to each of your leads based on various patterns of their on-web activity and indicate whether or not a lead makes sense for the business, thus increasing sales conversion rates.

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Progressive Statistical Approach for Effective Sales Process [Infographic]

While recruiting a sales team, sales managers take extra precautions to ensure that they hire the best sales reps to have a smooth sales process. They want their reps to have the most influential speaking tactics; they want them to be great when it comes to handling pressure; and they want them to be quick learners above everything else.

Most importantly, they seek people who are hard working and don’t give up easily. These traits can’t be taught, but a person can still acquire them and contribute towards enhancing a company’s sales process.

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Dig Best Sales Forecasting Methods

There are hundreds of professions. There are trillions of professionals and there are many customers. But, there is a one particular profession which demands excessive and rigorous qualities. It is the world of ‘Sales’. 

If you are sales rep, you need to be a smooth-talker; you need to be a people’s person. You need to have high-end persuasion skills, you need to dress up smartly, and you need to be enthusiastic. In short, you need to be a whole package to make it big - in this ‘big, fat’ sales industry. The opportunities are limitless, or so they say, all you need to do is push harder.

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10 Types of Sales Leads That Will Make you Quiver [Infographic]

It must be pretty easy for you and your team to be pumped up every time you catch hold of newinside sales leads? But wait, have you weighed your leads and carefully classified their disposition or key characteristics?

Of course you haven’t done lead management, because very few of us can boast to actually identify the type of sales leads before the initiation of serious business talks. Fret not; we have managed to get our hands on the various monsters that sales leads can actually turn out to be, how they can make sales reps quiver and finally, how you can deal with them.

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Say Hello to Lead Conversion – Be Your Own Sales Hero!

Lead conversion is absolutely crucial for your business. This is a no brainer!

But wait! While a lot is said about its underlying importance, there is very little information available on how one can have a successful business strategy in place for fool-proof conversions?

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