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6 Sure-Shot Aspects of Success in Inside Sales [Infographic]

Yesteryears would bear testimony of sales to be a drab process of salespersons trying to sell products/services in a rather monotonous manner.

Times have changed a great deal as the new age buyer no longer is dependent on salespeople for information about any purchase, with the dominance of social media and Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, selling to the modern buyer has become a pretty cumbersome job.

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The Road to Successful Sales Performance [Infographic]

Efficiency and automation are the lifeblood of sales process and have been considered as one of the important factors in determining sales success. In order to drive the sales team, managers need to plan a vigorous strategy that fits in all their sales requirement. What defines the effectiveness of a sales process is the kind of strategy that helps in revamping individual's performance.

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Simplifying B2B Inside Sales Over Social Media [Infographic]

We all are aware about the latest buzz-word - ‘social selling’, and how sales teams are trying to leverage social media as a part of their traditional sales process. However, it is more important to have a right approach towards various social media platforms, rather than just including social in the sales process to keep up with the ongoing trend.

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Fundamentals of Successful Sales Teams you Need to Adopt [Infographic]

The secret to a successful sales teams involves various components out of which the combination of people, process, and technology are the most effective. Gone are the days when sales team solely used to focus on building relationship with clients. The new strategy involves the rejuvenation of the entire sales technique for building a smart and fortunate sales troop.

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How to Derive the Best ROI from Sales Coaching [Infographic]


The average investment on sales coaching program had been on an increasing mode with every passing year.


However, why do you think companies would invest on a plan that comes with a doubtful chance of return on investment(ROI)?

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How Sales Enablement Tools can Boost Sales Effectiveness [Infographic]

Sales enablement is a practice of aligning marketing and sales teams to help nurture leads through sales opportunities.

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How can you Gear up Marketing with Lead Management System [Infographic]

Lead management is a process where marketers nurture and qualify the lead to turn it into an opportunity, then inside sales and sales finally work the opportunity.

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How to Re-Engage your Cold Leads Impeccably [Infographic]

An old saying ‘time is money’, comprehensively defines a salesman’s career. Regardless of the aforementioned fact, companies end up spending a lot of time and money to acquire sales leads, that eventually turn cold.

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17 Success Tips for Better, Quicker Sales Leads Conversion [Infographic]

In a hypothetical sales world, there are N-number of practices to move a customer faster through the sales funnel.

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