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Boost Sales Productivity With Inside Sales Box and Zoho Integration

Zoho CRM is an easy to use platform for sales teams to manage sales pipeline. However, if you plan to use the power of inside sales software along with Zoho for your inside sales team, it becomes a challenge to keep processes of both the inside sales and sales teams in sync.

Inside Sales Box is an inside sales tool which provides flexibility to integrate with prominent CRMs like Zoho and Salesforce. In this blog, we will talk about the immense value we bring to inside sales with Zoho integration.

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Is Lead Management Limited To A CRM ?

Simply put “Lead Management” is a process of organizing & managing prospective customers right from being just prospects to paying customers. Some key areas that fall under lead management are :-

  • Lead Generation : Capturing interested prospects information by means of marketing tactics using newsletters, blogs, E-books, Webinars, Events etc.
  • Lead Segmentation : Quantifying prospects based on the content they consumed and segmenting them into buckets/tags 
  • Lead Nurturing : Running drip marketing campaigns via email or social networks campaigns to push prospects closer to buying stage.
  • Lead Distribution : Distributing sales ready leads to sales reps to follow up via phone, email, social media and finally close them into customers. 
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