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10 Cold Calling Mistakes Agents should NEVER Commit!

People say cold calling is daunting and dreadful. Young agents are running away from it. Just like going up to a stranger and striking up a conversation can be scary, so can be cold calling. That is why we are now turning towards other channels to reach out to the customers - emails, social media, inbound marketing and what not. There are other sureshot ways to succeed in inside sales, but does that mean cold calling is dead? The answer is NO. It is still very much useful and revenue generating. We just need to let go of our traditional approach to cold calling and make it adaptable to present times.

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How to Derive the Best ROI from Sales Coaching [Infographic]


The average investment on sales coaching program had been on an increasing mode with every passing year.


However, why do you think companies would invest on a plan that comes with a doubtful chance of return on investment(ROI)?

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