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4 Tips for Optimizing Your B2B Sales Process


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How to Boost your Sales Development Skills in 2017

Well,Well, Well, A very happy new year to the global Inside Sales Family and all the readers. I hope you all had a gala time this winter holidays.This being my very first post of 2017 makes me feel very excited. I know all of you would have different goals for this year, both personal and professional. But one thing that truly unites us in this is we all want ourselves to be better than what we were in 2016. For e.g I want to be a better marketer, my account executive wants to close bigger deals this year. Essentially we all are trying to learn from our actions in 2016 for a better 2017.

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5 Sales Call Hacks to Increase your Conversions

Tring Tring…The phone rings

Natasha: Hello who is this?

Mike: This is Mike from ABC ltd. Just calling you today to see if you would be interested in our new product.

Natasha: Why would I be interested in your product?

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What actually Motivates Salespeople - Recognition or Money ?

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

The first question that strikes my mind is - should money be the only key differentiator in motivating Salespeople? A lot of managers think that they should hire salespeople who are easily motivated by money, but I don't agree with that. Successful sales reps say that money should not be the only reason for salespersons to be motivated.

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What does Sales Acceleration actually mean?

Sales acceleration technologies have enjoyed a steady rise in popularity among industry leaders over the past few years. 

Companies such as Gartner, Aberdeen and ABI Research have predicted a $30 billion market for sales acceleration technologies by 2017

The numbers are certainly shiny, but what exactly is Sales Acceleration? Going by the conventional definition it is a set of tools that drives and pushes your sales cycle and processes.

Inside Sales Box has something out of the box.

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How to Best Boost Sales on Top 4 Social Media Platforms [Infographic]

Sales has never been a painless task, as salespeople mostly have their work cut out to engage prospects, convert more leads, and bring in greater business deals.

However, with incessant rise of technology and the proliferation of social media, selling has slowly but surely transformed into somewhat an engaging and fun activity.

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Inside Sales Box Feature Updates Sep'16

At Inside Sales Box, September began with some awesome feature updates to make our user experience a delight. So just sit back and have a look at all the wonderful features which will help you to up your sales development game.

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How Do C-level Executives Make Buying Decisions?

Those who follow my LinkedIn articles must know my respect and admiration for sales and marketing expert, Tim Riester, also the Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions. I’d recently written an article recapping his brilliant talk on creating a "why change" dialogue with your customers, which was also the opening salvo for Digital Sales Camp.

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Inside Sales Box Product Release

Inside Sales Box has come up with a ton of feature updates for July Release. Along with the major user interface changes, we have brought you some awesome feature enhancements that will keep you organised, save time and close more deals in your Q2.

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Know Your Buyer's Approach To Choose Sales Development Tool


As we all want to leverage sales technology to accelerate business sales, we should first have a look at the buyer’s journey. One might be wasting time on a tool which might be very innovative and efficient but won’t help in accelerating sales. Our buyer’s approach defines the sales development approach we should follow.

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