Top Pay Challenges in Inside Sales and How to Tackle them [Infographic]

Pay Challenges in Inside Sales

The realm of inside sales and compensation structures associated with it, is witnessing drastic changes in recent times, and this is expected to continue further.

A fresh survey has revealed that 40% of big tech companies is planning to up their inside sales headcount before the end of 2016.

The survey has also stated that around 95% of small companies reported using commission pay structures for inside sales teams, compared with 60% of larger tech companies, which prefer quota-based compensation.

Among the top pay challenges that were identified in the report are:-

  • Quota-setting fairness
  • Pay competitiveness
  • Sales forecast accuracy

Take a look at the following Infographic by ZS Associates and Reality Works Group which sheds immense light on the major pay challenges for inside sales teams and what are the factors that impact compensation.

Inside Sales Pay Challenges

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