Top Linkedin Groups that an Inside Sales Representative should Join

Top Linkedin Groups that an Inside Sales Representative should Join

Social selling should not just be considered as a buzzword but should also be implemented as a core process for developing relationships with clients on various social media platforms. The immense potential of social media allows sales reps to convert their prospects into loyal customers. It is an effective medium to gain knowledge about the industry, competitors, latest trends and to have a clear understanding of the needs and pain points of the customers.

Savvy salespeople are increasingly using various social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, etc,  as the primary source for generating new leads. A HubSpot study found that “when it comes to generating leads, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than other social networks.” With over 380 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has become a critical tool that can make prospecting faster, smoother and, ultimately, more profitable.

An Inside Sales representative can contribute on Linkedin through various methods. Participation in groups is considered as one of the most powerful technique to influence prospects and to add value to the ultimate goal of the organization. So here is a list of top 14 Linkedin groups to enhance your credibility and to boost the sales revenue of your organization:

AA-ISP (Association of Inside Sales Professionals) Group: They encourage active participation, contribution, thoughts, questions, and experiences. In addition, they monitor traffic and respond appropriately.

Objective:  Their main objective is to help inside sales reps and leaders to provide an additional platform to learn, communicate, and share content that is beneficial to the crowd.

The Sales Association: The Sales Association is the premier association for sales and business development professionals from all industries worldwide.

Objective: Their mission is to provide members with a powerful and strategic means to connect with one another at events to grow professionally and to drive profits within their organizations.

Inside Sales Experts: They target Inside Sales Reps or Inside Sales Executives to deliver information on best practices, compensation trends, training, technology etc.

Objective: The objective of the Inside Sales experts group is to give Inside Sales executives a forum for sharing ideas and information.

Sales Best Practices: This group targets discussion on Sales Development/Prospecting, Marketing, Cold Calls, Productivity, Team management, Sales Tools or Software (CRM), Business Strategy, Closing Strategies, and Recruitment.

Objective: Their objective is to share experiences and solutions related to Selling, marketing, and Best Practices.

Sales Gravy: Sales Gravy is the world’s largest Sales Talent Community and is often referred to as the “Facebook of the Sales Profession.” Their discussion includes sales techniques, sales training, sales jobs, sales careers, sales tips, sales recruiting, and sales processes.

Objective: Sales Gravy aims to help Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, and Sales Recruiters gain the winning edge.

Sales Growth: This group is a place where you can accelerate your careers/business through referrals from Sales Growth Group members.

Objective: It mainly focuses on exchanging experiences and set up communication between salespersons and sales managers.

Sales 2.0 best practices: Sales 2.0 practices combines the science of process-driven operations with the art of collaborative relationships, using the most profitable and most expedient sales resource required to meet customers’ needs.

Objective: They are focused on creating value for both buyer and seller.

Inside Sales Acceleration: This is an open forum for all inside sales professionals to discuss ways to sell smarter, faster and more successfully.

Objective: The goal of this community is to connect inside sales professionals so that  they can exchange tips, ask questions and engage in thoughtful discussions about sales strategy and technology.

Sales Management executive: This is the Largest LinkedIn Sales Management Group. Companies put their best salespeople into the role of sales manager but fail to train, develop, and mentor them. Thus, this group provides useful insights helpful for becoming an efficient sales manager.

Objective: This group is dedicated to bridge the knowledge gap allowing sales management executives to thrive.

Linking Sales Leaders: This group provides a community rich in experience, thought leadership, and results. Their discussions are focused on topics such as; current challenges faced by sales leaders; how to hire and onboard top performers; training / developing direct reports; managing up and across the organization; how to be a more effective leader; and how to build an effective lead generation engine.

Objective: This group focuses on attracting, sharing, and tapping into the experience and expertise of top-performing sales leaders.

Inside Sales Pros: This group provides the best approach for getting in the door with senior executives at your targeted accounts. The useful insights shared on inside sales pros helps to break down ‘pre-sales’ into five key steps: prospecting, talking points, handling objections to meet, email and voicemail, and planning.

Objective:  They focus on real world tactics emerging from the best sales professionals.

Sales Management 2.0: This group was created to share helpful insights and practical knowledge to help sales professional in increasing their income without compromising their values.

Objective: Focused on inculcating best practices of sales among sales professionals on a global level.

Inside Sales: Inside Sales is an open forum and deals with topics like sales development, marketing, cold calls, productivity, team management, sales tools or software (CRM), business strategy, closing strategies, and recruitment. It invites people from all across the globe to join the group and share their knowledge, ideas, experience on inside sales, lead generation, sales & marketing support.

Objective: Mainly focuses on sharing experiences, knowledge, and solutions related to selling, marketing, and best practices.

B2B Sales connections:  B2B Sales Connections wants to change the way salespeople are selling as 25% of sales reps produce 90 to 95% of all sales. Thus they are looking to revolutionize the sales effort put in by the sales rep for closing deals.

Objective: B2B Sales Connections helps in enhancing sales potential which eventually leads to higher revenue.

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