Top 3 Reasons you are Failing at Sales Follow-up


Following up on time is still one of the biggest challenges organizations face till date. I remember once, it was a long weekend and we had this inbound lead who wanted a demo to be set up asap. As he was already half way through the buying cycle, he had researched all the inside sales software options, but unfortunately for us it was a long weekend aka holidays. The chain of events that followed because of this no follow up haunted us for days. The guy went all over social media and the rest is history.

Luckily for us, we were able to sort things out with a personal e-mail from our founder and fortunately, were able to close the deal. Well, we got lucky that time, but often you would be shown the door. Time is money and you don’t want to waste your prospect’s time. But why do our reps don’t follow up on time? Is it their fault? Is it the organization’s fault? Is it poor and outdated sales process/technology? What is it ? Let’s dive down a bit.

There are so many reasons this happens, but we have shortlisted the top areas which need improvement in this regard:-

  • Legacy Rep Onboarding programs / Outdated Process

A significant number of organizations still struggle with a well thought out rep onboarding process. Every organization wants their reps to be fully functional within three months. However, if the process is broken it’s more of a ‘garbage in garbage out’ process. As a sales manager – ensuring a quality onboarding process and shadow AE’s are very important for the success of the rep, product & your company.

  • Selling Globally but fewer Reps

From an ROI perspective, hiring fewer reps might make sense to your company, based on how much ARR/MRR they are doing. But you should also focus on the amount of money you are leaving on the table because of fewer reps. At times, it happens that you get inbound leads all day and you don’t have enough reps to cover in the 24 hour period. For example – you sell in US/Canada and you get inbound leads from all time zones and you have reps only catering to North American market. What about the leads you get from Asia Pacific?  Would you let your reps sleep over them ? Maybe Yes, may be No? But you need to figure it out asap..

  • Key Ingredient missing from your Sales Stack

Who likes manual work? Unnecessary time consuming work that creeps in your efficiency. If you are into sales I know you hate it. Apart from having a process you also need automation, technology intelligence that assists you at each stage of your sales process. Having an intelligent sales cadence is what you will miss the most for timely, organized follow-ups. Often companies have a process but it’s too mechanical and reps follow-up on their will and their priorities and not yours. Ensuring every leads is given the respect it deserves comes from the right sales technology

Take a look at this link for more on sales cadence.

Therefore, make your sales reps life better with the right ingredient. It’s time you revisit your sales stack.

These are the top 3 reasons/ challenges with poor Sales Follow-ups. I personally believe following up without technology is a huge challenge especially when the inbound lead flow is strong. Without technology, you will end up in a mess with a lot of leads just lying in your Sales funnel, and dying a slow death. So, you better wake up 🙂

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