Things to Say Instead of ‘How Are You?’ In A Sales Call

Things to say instead of 'How are you?' in a sales call

If you are a sales rep, you would inarguably understand the importance of being an extrovert or a people’s person. You would be aware about the importance of having good conversational skills, especially during a sales call.

‘First impression is the last impression’ – Not a cliche for sales

The way you greet your prospects can often define what first impression they have of you. And more than often,your first impression is your last impression. It’s like how they say in movies that looks deceive, in a sales circuit your addressee would judge, dissect and evaluate every word you convey to him – from a business perspective to a casual conversation. And a very important parameter which aids him in this process is the way you greet them during a sales call. How imaginative you are being, how affluent you seem, how much confidence you showcase, how well do you know your brand, product or services, etc., your prospect will take everything in consideration during those 4-7 minutes of conversation and would then decide, if he wants to invest his time in meeting you for a product demo or not.

Not so secret life of a sale rep

In a typical setup, you reach office, start sorting out your contacts from the CRM and pen down the list of prospects who suit your client personas. Once this is done, you start dialing down their numbers to crack a deal or have some solid lead to boast about. And you think you are golden, right? But, not all your prospects would be so impressed with your oratory skills and would treat your sales call like a just another telemarketing conversation. To spark their interest and keep them hooked to listening to you, there are certain points and parameters that you can take care. These would not only make them feel important, but also give you a grand chance at gathering more opportunities and closing in on more deals.

Don’t ask how are you or how’s the weather. Just Don’t

As you would have read the title of the post, I am sure you can guess that I would recommend not being monotonous. Don’t ask about the weather, don’t ask them if they are doing good, they won’t tell you anyway. Keep your conversation professional but also, try and build great rapport with your prospect. The more comfortable he is with you, more chances you have of cracking the deal. Even if your product or service doesn’t fit his criteria of what he is looking for, he would want to give you a fair chance of convincing him and getting things customised a bit to fit his pocket and budget.

There can be different scenarios while you approach a prospect. There can be a case where you got his contact details viasocial media, or a blog subscription or a direct emailto enquire about a product or a service. In such cases, you need to do a bit of homework.

Reaching out to prospects who already show interest

Once you notice how he got himself aware about your company or business model, reach him in accordance with his requirements and areas of interest. Start your conversation accordingly and build up on the same platform. Ask him question about his ongoing projects, current strategies, implementation part, what all is due in pipeline and in which areas can you help him with your product or services. Be subtle while marking out the problem areas with a broad business outlook. At no point talk ill about your competitors or his current business handlers. This gives a strong adverse impression about you in a sales call.

Reaching out to prospects for the first time

And if you are speaking for the first time, instead of starting with a conventional sales tone during your sales call, greet them with some good news about how you can help them with a recurring issue you think they are facing in their business. Wish them congratulations about any latest achievements you heard about, in news or via your sales network about their organisation. Make sure that after the sales call is over, they are thinking about your product and review your conversation, because it really awed them.

I hope this post will give you some not so conventional ideas and make it easy for you to break the ice with your prospects. If you have more points to add, drop a comment below.

Till then, Happy Selling!

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