Struggling with Social Selling in Sales? You are not alone

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Social networking platforms, Linkedin and Twitter have had an amazing impact on B2B Sales. Among the first ones to understand this is the Marketing team. However, Sales teams have had a rather bumpy relationship with social, for quite some time now.

Marketing Automation tools like Hubspot have built links to the social networks to automate some of the marketing tasks. Social helps with Content amplification or the “Attract” phase of inbound marketing. 

However, Sales teams have struggled to bring Social into their Selling process. When we interview Sales leaders, the most common usage is around prospecting. Tools like linked navigator are now fairly common and prospecting tools built over them ( for example) have done well in the market.

Social Selling does not end with list building. There are other actions one can and must take. Having Social actions like LinkedIn profile visit, Twitter Follow, Twitter engage and contextual social information to personalise your messages are critical. Moreover, they can work wonders on the leads conversion rate.

Social selling is no longer optional for your business. It’s a powerful strategy that can help sell your ideas, establish credibility, secure funding, attract talent and win customers

Email and Phone are still the only channels available to the sales reps to approach prospects (in their workflow). We at Inside Sales Box have been working on a design to bring Social Actions into Inside Sales reps tasks and solve this problem. Here is a sneak preview of the design.

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Now, Sales reps and Managers would be able to add Social actions to their Cadence, (We call it Rhythm – We love music :-)) and measure the impact it would have on conversions. Our data shows anywhere between 40% – 60% more conversions in Rhythm, where social actions are involved against Email and Call only. 

We would be glad to hear what has been your experience on integrating social into your Sales process and what impact it has had on conversions. 

Exciting Days are ahead for Sales. I will finish with a tweet I saw at the recent Sales Hacker event. “SDR is the new Marketing Automation Role”

This feature would be released in our next version coming in December and we are looking for early adapters for Beta. Signup at

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