Sessions for Inside Sales Leaders at Dreamforce 16

Secured your spot at the Dreamforce 2016?  If yes, great !!

I’ll also be there having managed to grab a place just in time.   

With an ocean of sessions at the Dreamforce, we’ve highlighted the standout sessions on inside sales through this blog.

Do register for them before it’s too late.

Fastest Path to Pipeline : Best Practices and Trends in Inside Sales 

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A session on sales development by the queen of inside sales, Trish Bertuzzi, along with fellow speakers like Meredith Brown, Lindsey Nelson and Sarah Roberts. 

Sales development success is based on a foundation of process and technology. This session will help you do that by covering tactics to build processes for success, real world inside sales best practices and how to maximise technology for sales development.

A must attend session for those looking to grow their inside sales teams or still contemplating to build one.

Open more Doors to Close more Sales

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Is your team making the most out of every opportunity passed from marketing to sales? Is your sales prospecting going as expected? 

With more demanding customers and increasing competition, it might be easier to find Waldo than to find new business. This makes it more important than ever to make sure your sales team is not only knocking on the right doors, but also doing the right things to open those doors.

Josh Evans in this session will cover how you can open more doors, not giving up too soon on an opportunity, but persisting with the right message; not hiding behind email, but using a mix of channels; prospecting into the account, not just the contact; and not just doing a lot of things, but doing the right things.


Stand out from the Crowd : A Sales Development Ask and Answer Party

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A session by Trish Bertuzzi, again. 

Trish Bertuzzi will be joined by Sarah Roberts (Salesforce), Lesley Young (Box) and Kate Taylor (Dropbox) to share best practices across three key areas – building and retaining teams, standing out from the crowd, and being a leader in modern sales development.

Did I miss an important session on inside sales? Do let me know through comments.


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