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Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople [Infographic]


Increasing productivity of sales professionals is crucial for building a more efficient sales process and for improving the bottom line of any business. However, the onus lies more on the person himself than on the company when it comes to boosting productivity. It is based on the ability of individual sales persons to achieve their objectives and goals.

The most valuable asset for any individual is time and using it wisely is the key to success. According to a survey conducted by Salesforce on some of the sales industry’s top thought leaders, most of the respondents said that planning and organizing each day in advance improved their productivity to a considerable degree. Maintaining a proper sleep and exercise schedule also adds to their productivity.

These thought leaders think out and schedule their work beforehand and abide by it at any cost. Mornings are kept for deep work that requires more focus and they line up their meetings for the afternoon. Being well-versed with sales tools and technologies such as CRM solutions, enhances their potential of converting more leads in to customers.

Read about the other proven techniques which on incorporation in the regular routine can lead to awesome improvements in a sales person’s efficiency and overall productivity.

Simple Tips to Become the Most Productive Salesperson Ever

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