Sales Prospecting is Trending not Surviving

Sales Prospecting is trending not surviving

More often than not I read articles where authors question the survival of sales prospecting.

In my opinion, the question is slanderous and usually misleads the readers. 

20 years ago, after the Telemarketing Sales Rule in USA, people assumed that cold calling (sales prospecting) will be dead. We still get those cold calls, don’t we? 

Sales prospecting has evolved over the time and so has its definition. It can be wisely defined as

“A method of reaching out to researched potential customers through every possible communciation method available.”

Inside Sales Box is an all in one inside sales software for inside sales reps. This makes sales prospecting tool an integral part of our product.

Such articles questioning the survival of sales prospecting, forced me to look into actual data. This is what I found –

Google Trends – On the Up

Searches for “Sales Prospecting” across top cities of USA

Monthly Search Volume – Keyword Planner


The search volume shows promise and is a lot of encouragement for anyone from the sales fraternity. Searches have never gone below 225k and looks like they can touch 300k in the coming months.

We are not sure of future trends and can only hope that this rise is steady. While we pray for the trends to further increase, let me ask you question – Is Sales Prospecting fighting for survival? – I don’t think so.

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