Sales Prospecting Imperatives – You should be doing these

You must have seen loads of sales prospecting articles floating on the internet. Haven’t you?

Top tips to write that perfect email, proven ways to call your prospects successfully and so on…


In my previous blog post I had shared a proven framework for sales prospecting emails. Similarly it is very important for every sales manager or representative to formulate his own set of proven sales imperatives and create an action plan, for reaching out to prospects accordingly.

While prospecting I divide the work according to communication channels and mostly focus on emails and calling. Seldom, I use Social Selling but it is still an evolving space and the 2015 HubSpot’s State of Inbound statistically says – 

Social Selling is still more hype than reality, but the interest is on the rise in many regions

Now getting back to Emails and Calling.

Sales Prospecting Imperatives

Some Proven Sales Prospecting Imperatives

Using Phone?

The golden tip here is to stop cold calling. Let’s face it – Buyers do not want to hear your generic cold calling scripts. So what works for them today?

Warm Calls, that focus on offering valuable advice to buyer’s challenges.

  • Dial with confidence. A fumbling voice and low confidence can wreak havoc and buyers can instantly figure that out.
  • To err is human. You are going to make mistakes but that’s fine. All teleprospectors commit mistakes. It’s a learning curve for you. So instead of grinning about your bad calls, make sure you learn something from every call.
  • Learn to weed out bad fits from the lot. You are required to learn the art of qualification. This will help you to identify which prospects are a bad fit and you need not pitch your products or services at them.
  • Become a consultant, and not just another salesperson. Don’t use your elevator pitch when you’re teleprospecting. Use a consultative and friendly approach. Make them feel you know them, understand their challenges and are available to offer them meaningful advice. Yes, be a good citizen.

         Differentiate yourself as a consultant

  • Show them you care enough about them, and are genuinely concerned to solve their challenges (of course, with your product!). The more you ask, the better information you have about them to do great sales prospecting. I must caution you against any pretense that you could unknowingly carry into the conversation. You got to watch over it.

         Be inquisitive and ask questions

  • Tap the power of social media while prospecting. Conduct research about them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and warm up effectively before making a call to your prospect.
  • Personalize your conversation right off the bat. However while doing so, don’t creep into the stalker’s territory by being over friendly. Get to the point and talk only about the relevant stuff. Focus on solving their challenges.
  • Plan your day. Keep your calendar handy and set an alarm for a call / appointment. Set small goals and aim to achieve them.

         Leverage the sales prospecting tools

  • There are some great sales prospecting tools available to help you identify right prospects – Ringio,, Call Activity Tracking System (C.A.T.S), and Inside Sales Box.
  • Make sure you do not bombard prospects with information. Instead of bugging your way in with your product information, focus on figuring out the pain points of your prospects. Active listening is the key here.

         Follow Up Relentlessly

  • Focus on building and nurturing your relationships with prospects. Let your latest follow up reflect on the last one and make your prospects feel that you make a conscious effort in stepping into their shoes and understanding their situation. It should be about one step at a time and the next step.

Using Email?

  • Prepare for you email. Invest time to plug remarkable and relevant information into your email.

         Research about your prospects

  • Look out on the Internet for their blog, social media presence, trigger events, company website or any other digial asset that they might possess.
  • Figure out a compelling reason to contact your prospects.
  • Look for mutual connections, if any. In case you have, seek a fomal introduction to establish your credibility.

        Personalize your email

  • It is always good to go personalized at scale than just bulk email blasts.
  • State the way you found the prospect clearly.
  • Mention the reason you have reached out to them succinctly.
  • Relay your value. Avoid generic value propositions.
  • Ask good questions congruent with the research you’ve conducted around them.
  • Talk more about them, less about you / your product. You will know if it goes the other way.
  • Finish your email asking them about their objectives.

Most of the above mentioned imperatives may look like obvious things to most guys but these obvious things when skipped can lead to a prospect disappearing. As a precaution these essentials can be looked upon, while prospecting. 

Happy Prospecting! Do let me know if I missed anything. 

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