Sales Pipeline Software – Why your Sales Development Team hates it?


You made an investment into a CRM, more specifically a Sales Pipeline Software. You are happily looking at the snapshot and forecasting but wait, the Sales Development Reps are refusing to use it.

Sounds familiar – Read on!

What is a Sales Pipeline Software?

Sales CRMs come in many shapes and sizes. Sales Pipeline Management is considered one of the most important functions of a CRM.

It helps the Sales managers and Sales Reps visualise how the pipeline is looking (It is funny how we feel empowered by Data). I recently interviewed 10 Industry experts around “Achieving more with their Inside Sales” and discovered that all of them were looking at the pipeline day in and day out to forecast.

However when I asked them what changes they have made looking at the pipeline – the most popular answer was, “We told the reps that they have to do better”.

There is merit in looking at data, however with the emergence of remote sales the more important need is how do we enable the reps to do more. By enabling I mean really help and not just push!

Why Sales Development Teams hate it?

In our minds we think the Sales Pipeline tool is going to help Sales Reps. However, that’s rarely the case. Soon it becomes a tool only to look at what is happening.

A characteristic of the best CRM for Sales pipeline “The best CRMs will offer you oversight of your sales pipeline, letting all of your sales reps know where they stand in terms of their quotas. Plus, managers can access the figures for all of their team members.”

This is where the problem begins. The Sales pipeline Software shows where the reps stand and provide managers access to figures. But it does not tell you what to do about it?

More often than not, Sales pipeline becomes nothing more than a review tool where Reps walk in and Managers Talk.

How do you help your Reps?

Good Question. Sounds cliched, but we should have asked that upfront right. 🙂

If you really want to help your reps you would have to get into their shoes. What do they do?

The top 3 problems faced by the Reps as per latest research is – Inadequate Product Training, More Time spent on Non-Sales Activities and Struggling to Get Information.

The tools we provide the Reps should help either in getting data faster or indicate which leads are to be contacted and when to reach out to them. Additionally, it should also give them few pointers to engage better with the prospects.


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