Sales Motivation: A Donut to create Star Performers [Infographic]


We all need motivation at some point in our career to re-shape and mold ourselves into star performers. Same is the case with sales team who are considered as the backbone of every organization. Salespeople need active motivation throughout their complete journey in order to accomplish their tasks. Many progressive organizations were able to spawn better performance from their team members by treating them individually like a building block that requires close and different levels of attention at each stage.

Great sales managers continuously look for ways to motivate their sales team. Therefore, building strategies to empower reps in order to help them realize their real caliber can be of great advantage. Sales reps are basically of three kinds; the laggards, the core performers and the stars. These people need different levels of engagement and motivation at differents stages.

The below infographic by Salesforce describes the importance of sales motivation and the methodologies of achieving the same:


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