Sales Evolution : From Bartering to Intelligent Tools [Infographic]

Evolution of sales

‘Sales’ has been the oldest occupation from the very beginning. But as they say that change is the spice of life, the sales evolution saga cannot be overlooked. From being the oldest occupation to being the most dynamic field, sales evolution has seen it all.

Sales evolution has been on the list ever since the system came up. Initially what people called as ‘barter system’ where they would exchange goods and services with each other, slowly started evolving into a more organised way of doing business and gathering wealth.

With the advances and colonial boom, the concept of money also started to creep in. This also paved way for industrial revolution and for sales reps to start selling in full swing. Sales evolution was starting here, and if you look around today, you will find that how sales has evolved in a multi-dimensional domain, using the most sophisticated tools and services available in this technology savvy world.

To absorb more on how did this sales evolution happen, scroll down and look at this infographic from ‘Revegy’ and be astonished.


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