Sales Enablement: Unlock the Key to Successful Closures


Defining the buying cycle can be a tough task for sales reps especially when you don’t have any relevant information to close the sales deals. Having a holistic approach towards closure from the time the lead lands up in your pipeline till the time of conversion is very important. Organizations have started focusing more on accomplishing qualitative inputs rather than just tasting the unsure outcome. Thus, they have started adopting strategies to exemplify the performance of their sales team.

Sales enablement is considered as one of the processes to spawn out meaningful conversations with prospects. It is a strategic, ongoing methodology that equips sales teams to have consistently effective engagements with prospects and customers throughout the buyer’s journey.

Objective of sales enablement is to:

> Provide sales rep with the relevant information to close deals more effectively.
> Help define the success rate of a sales program.
> Enlighten reps on the use of the resources provided to them (when and how to use them?)
> Help measure sales KPIs

How you can use sales enablement for empowering your team

1. Equip your sales team with useful data: Providing reps with the right set of information that might be related to your buyer persona, behaviour of the target audience or the ongoing market trend can be helpful in closing deals. According to IDC, “57% of customers feel that salespeople are poorly prepared, or not prepared, for initial meetings, and they lack the resources to personalize the sales conversation.” The stated fact is in anycase true as the rep either does not have complete information or is unaware of the buyer’s need. With the help of sales enablement, organizations can provide their team with the right set of tools and skills towards successful closures.

2. Help them in impacting buyer’s decision: Simply calling prospects on a regular interval to take update on their buying decision might sound annoying and at the same time increases the level of frustration among the both parties. Thus, a smarter way to nurture your lead or to create an impact on the buying decision of your prospect is by educating them with appropriate content, insights, and value based on their unique needs. Sales rep can share weekly marketing newsletter, company achievements, product updates or any information that might motivate the prospect to buy your product.

3. Strengthen the bond with buyers: For a sales rep the top notch goal is to identify buyer’s demands, troubling issues and comfort level which helps them to completely understand the potential buyer. Such information builds a positive rapport with the buyer and allows the sales rep to deliver the red carpet sales pitch. The more understanding you build with the buyer, more are the chances for conversions.

4. Enhance the ability of reps: Sales enablement has successfully helped organizations in improving the efficiency of sales rep. Providing adequate training on how to achieve more closures and ways to leverage the company content for creating awareness among prospects can be considered as one of the strategy to enhance sales ability. Also, measuring the effectiveness of the current training programs can help in designing new and successful ones.

Now that you have learn’t on how to use sales enablement, let us throw some light on who actually owns Sales Enablement
For a high potential sales enablement process, it is necessary for sales and marketing to jointly own it. A thorough discussion can help them understand the type of resources needed to achieve success. Resources can include content guide, data requirements and training materials which should be owned and delivered by the marketing team. Sales team should ensure the proper implementation of the sales enablement program in order to hit the growth rockets. Organizations that understands the importance of proper sales enablement  process are the ones who have truly witnessed the fruits of success.

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