Sales Dialer 101: Taking the first step to make calling efficient

“What is that one difference between an inside sales agency that makes more lead conversions as compared to the one which doesn’t?”

“The dog outside the sales reps cage that barks the loudest.”

Overheard at the cafeteria with the maniacal laughter that followed, the point rang home.

Often, inside sales managers have been metaphorically compared to the vilest watch dogs and bloodhounds by their compatriots.

While it is often unfortunate, the ideal supervisor to a sales team would be a leader on lines not very far from the description.

Vigilant, sharp and motivated to take decisions on-the-fly.

Most agencies lose out on leads because of the inability of the sales rep to tackle that what is thrown at him.

At times, it is the floundering sales rep. Sometimes he is too green behind the ears.

Often teams do not know how to pitch the product especially if it is a new one.

Sales Dialer 101: Taking the first step to make calling efficient

But most often it is the agitated customer with an axe for a tongue ready to make your day look like the end of MacBeth.

And, unfortunately, most Inside sales reps are at the wrong end of the firing line at least once a day.

However, it is logistically improbable and inadvisable for the inside sales representative to spoon feed every rep and eavesdrop at all of them simultaneously.

An Inside Sales expert would vouch for the idea of not leaving anything to chance while chasing prospects. An outmoded desk phone is unfit for this simply because it doesn’t allow the rep the necessary aids, especially handling prospects / leads in real time. An efficient Sales Dialer is a necessity in such cases.

Introducing Sales Dialer

Sales Dialers are specialized to increase sales productivity with a high efficiency. A Smart sales dialer consolidates customer insights and displays them against the backdrop of the call. The dialer is optimized to ‘power dial’ priority leads first, which are given maximum priority.

Sales Dialers allow for Real-Time Assessments with tools such as Call Barging. This allows the supervisor to remotely monitor sales representatives. This gives the inside sales representative the legroom to provide assistance and open up space for selective coaching.

Sales dialers are systematized to increase productivity. They save the representatives from manually entering the numbers and calling the leads. The dialer provides a comprehensive timeframe on the best time to approach your prospects.

Not to mention, this builds a degree of trust and dependability when it comes to the company.

Empowering, isn’t it?

A Sales Dialer software can really help your sales rep.

So. Invest in a Sales Dialer and hack it into your system?

We would only say this.

A man is as good as his toys. You can always choose to be the man that took centuries to get to a car from a wheel.

Or be the man that took less than a decade to go from a car to a spaceship.


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