Sales Coaching within an Inside Sales Software. Really?

Sales coaching is an integral part of a sales rep’s development process. Yet, ignored by most sales managers. 

I am not saying that it is being ignored intentionally, but, with the burden of work and achieving targets a priority, sales coaching for SDRs has dropped down the pecking order. As a solution to this, most companies have come with classroom programs and training manuals. 

But is that enough? I don’t think so. 

Reading just books and attending classes won’t have much impact when compared to tribal knowledge (Live Sales Playbook). This is just one reason for integrating sales coaching within an inside sales software.

Let’s take a look at some more.

Why Sales Coaching should be integrated within Inside Sales Software?

Sales Coaching within Inside Sales Software

Hesitant Sales Rep

Some sales reps are reluctant to share their calls and its details, making it a challenge for sales managers in giving feedback.

When calls are made using an inside sales software, they are recorded and automatically shared in the public timeline. Managers are then able to give feedback even if the rep is reluctant.  

Instant Recognition and Feedback

A sales manager can directly share great calls with other reps and also give feedback on the go. Similarly, the rep himself can share and boast about his super call. 

Learning on the Go

If you combine all the feedbacks and calls along with them, this is a lot of material to learn from. Secondly, it is tribal knowledge which will help him develop skills for all kinds of situations.


It will definitely increase the competition within your sales team. When numbers are always in front of you – “How the hell did he get so many demos?” will be a very common question. Wouldn’t it?


It will be easier for managers to rate, promote and review their sales team. Every feedback can be revisited and a very comprehensive performance review can be given without many questions being asked. 

We have already built this at Inside Sales Box, but are open to more suggestions. Let me know if there is any other problem which can be solved by embedding sales coaching within an inside sales software. 


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