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Six Sales Challenges Faced by Today's Sales Reps

Sales Challenges

A sales rep’s job is never easy as they are the ones who face the brunt of anger, frustration and expectations of the manager, as well as the prospect. Every day is a challenge for a sales rep, as new issues pop up almost every now and then. Being the face of the organization, they need to keep the organizational values in mind before going for a sales process. At the same time, being the one who listens to the prospect at all the times, about their worries and confusions, they have to come back to the top management to let them know about the same.

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In simple words, the job of a sales rep is never easy and it takes a high level of patience to get the work done. There are a few challenges that most sales reps encounter. In order to be a successful sales rep, it is a must that you face these hiccups that come on your way in the right manner

#1. Getting Past the Gatekeeper

A gatekeeper is the one, whom most sales reps find daunting and aggravating, as they are trained in such a way that you do not reach the decision maker. In simple terms, they determine whether you succeed or you fail. To add to it, their job depends on it and they have all the rights to make it even difficult for you.  As a sales rep, you must also know that, they are too good at their work, and you just cannot fool them. Hence, having a strong relationship with a gatekeeper separates an average sales rep from the real professionals.

#2. Overcoming Sales Objections

Sales objections are inevitable. They may feel like you hit a brick wall, but by anticipating and responding to sales objections before your prospect gets a chance to give it a voice can be very beneficial. So, the first step is to research the prospect and identify the most-likely objections to be raised by the prospect. The second step is to transform each objection to an opportunity by demonstrating knowledge and customer empathy. Handling sales rejection is as important as pitching. How you deal with it may well determine the future. Hence, it is imperative to deal with it very carefully and make sure that it doesn’t affect your long term goals.

#3. Staying Motivated

This is the biggest challenge for a sales rep. With the pressure that keeps on rising every day, it becomes a task in hand for the sales reps to stay motivated and keep the spirits sky high. As technology is disrupting the playing field when it comes to access to information, networks, and data - sales reps are finding it harder to keep up with the rising management pressure. It is important for both, the employee and the employer to have long-term plans. Hence, it is a given that the organization should keep its sales reps happy and motivated by tweaking their work in such a way that they are always ready to accept new responsibilities.

#4. Battling Against Competitors  

The biggest challenge for a sales rep is to deal with a competitor. They are the ones who may have the following:

  • Set of loyal customers
  • Lower price
  • Better quality
  • Brand image
  • Better service

A sales rep has to deal with all the above challenges that come up from a competitor.  Even if they want, they may not be able to go a step further due to their organization norms. The biggest challenge here is to draw a fine line between the right and the wrong.

#5. Struggling to Get Information

If you ask a sales rep about their target market and the audience they must cater to, they would have an idea. But, their main challenge comes from the fact that, they do not have the information that plays a vital role in closing the sale quickly. Having sufficient information does play an important role towards having a faster closure as it helps both, the sales reps and the managers to act quickly at the time of crisis. This is where a sales rep usually struggles as they do not get the required information easily.

#6. Not Getting Qualified Leads

Prospecting is the first step in the selling process. As a sales rep, it is important to know that you do not confuse a prospect with a lead. A prospect is a qualified person or business that has the potential to buy your product or service. The name of a person or business who might be a prospect is referred to as a lead. The biggest challenge for a sales rep is to get a qualified lead that has the potential of a long-term association. Generating high quality sales leads requires commitment from both Marketing and Sales, by alighning their thoughts and processes.  

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The above-written challenges are just a few of the blips that most sales reps encounter during their professional career. It is important for them to face these challenges in the right spirit, as it would determine their success. If you overcome them, life becomes slightly easy. Rather than being bogged down by pressure, it is important to find ways to face these challenges and be successful.

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