Sales Cadence: How To Design a Sales Workflow That Delivers

Sales Cadence

One of the most compelling questions salespeople encounter is – ‘How often should prospects be contacted to initiate a conversation?’ If we go by the research – in order to maximize the conversion rate, it is required to touch a prospect 8-12 times. This sequence of touch points can be a mix of calls, emails and social media actions. However, a contrasting study reveals that the average rep attempts to call prospects 1.3 times before giving up. So, what is the actual reason for such a huge variance between the ideal scenario and the ground reality?


Reps’ dilemma of minimum number of touchpoints can majorly be attributed to the lack of well-defined sales workflow or sales cadence. Businesses that outperform counterparts put consistent processes in place to ensure that their sales team stay focussed on result oriented activities. Hence, to ensure that your sales team heads in the direction to achieve the same goals, a repeatable and consistent workflow is imperative.

A steady and result oriented sales process can only be defined after extensive testing and experimentation, to find out what works for your business. To help businesses define their optimal sales outreach approach, Inside Sales Box has introduced a striking feature termed – Rhythm, which enables reps to define how they want to approach a prospect within a stipulated timeframe by using a mix of calls, emails, social media and messaging. Overtime, sales managers can easily identify which approach and communication channels suits their requirements in the most productive way to implement the ideal approach across the sales team.

Let’s have a quick look at how Rhythm from Inside Sales Box helps you achieve a scalable sales process:

Automate the Predictable Workflow

Sales Rhythm lets salespeople define and analyze the steps to outreach their prospects in a stipulated time. Reps can select the touch points they want to use to connect with their prospects at each step while moving through the sales funnel. A streamlined process helps to identify and improve on the shortcomings to refine the sales workflow over time. A sales manager can also define a standardized sales cadence to ensure that the inside sales team follows a predictable process to accelerate the conversion ratio. Thus, Rhythm helps to convert leads into qualified opportunities in a predictable manner.

360 Degree Reach Out Approach

Inside Sales Box offers a perfect combination of traditional outreach methods like calls and emails with social media touch points like LinkedIn and Twitter. Reps can keep a track of their prospects’ activities on social media platforms from within Inside Sales Box and interact with them directly without moving away from their sales dashboard. Businesses using social as a part of overall sales cadence surely have an edge over their competitors as social touch points are essential to keep up with the changing buyer behaviours.

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Strengthen Sales Prospecting Strategy

Sales Prospecting is the most important activity to keep your sales funnel intact and can take up most of reps’ time if the process to reach out the prospects is not in place. Therefore, Sales Rhythm lays out the mechanism to reach out to your prospects in an effective manner. Whether reps are going for inbound or outbound, Inside Sales Box has their back in both the scenarios to get to their prospects efficiently. Social media is one of the best channels for prospecting and Rhythm supports social media touch points through LinkedIn and Twitter, unlike any other sales platform to give salespeople the best prospecting experience.

Essential for Consistent Lead Nurturing

Research states that 80% of leads do not close on their first call and hence are required to be nurtured over time to take them from one stage of buyer’s journey to another. Lead nurturing can be effectively implemented through Sales Rhythm by ensuring engagement with the prospects at appropriate intervals. Consistent follow up process helps to build a rapport with prospects which eventually helps to improve the conversion. Reps can provide optimum time to each of their leads to get the qualified opportunities which will convert into paying customers for the business.

Sales Cadence

Having a cadence helps to make your sales team always stay focused and aligned to the ultimate business goals.

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