Progressive Statistical Approach for Effective Sales Process [Infographic]


While recruiting a sales team, sales managers take extra precautions to ensure that they hire the best sales reps to have a smooth sales process. They want their reps to have the most influential speaking tactics; they want them to be great when it comes to handling pressure; and they want them to be quick learners above everything else.

Most importantly, they seek people who are hard working and don’t give up easily. These traits can’t be taught, but a person can still acquire them and contribute towards enhancing a company’s sales process.

But once on the job, the expectations seem to start towering. Your targets would slowly start increasing and soon will become next to impossible to keep up with. What happens then? How do you put your soft skills to use and encash upon it? How do you meet your day to day targets of getting more leads and convert those leads to successful opportunities? It is a tough road my friend.

And as the sales process becomes tough, you gotta be tougher.

Sales is not only about having great persuasion skills or not giving up on your prospects till they agree to listen, while you sell them your product and services. It also demands a lot of background research, understanding industry metrics like best lead scoring time, best time to practise cold calling, most effective durations to set flight to your email campaigns, understanding the best way forward while replying to a query, picking up a platform while connecting with prospects among many different options.

KISSmetrics have unleashed all these industry parameters in their infographic.

Scroll down and leverage upon these expert insights on sales process.  


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