Power Dialing – An Insightful Way to Prioritize and Connect to Leads


Going literally by its name, a power dialer empowers sales reps by giving them more control over dialing activity to ensure that they are in a better position to engage with customers by leveraging the information provided to them before making a call.

Remarkably implementing a well-known saying, “when you know better, you do better”, a power dialer displays contextual information about the leads in the list before dialing a number, so that a rep can decide to take a call or skip onto the next lead in the list as per their requirement. Power dialers are essential for high value B2B sales processes, wherein, certain research is required to know more about the prospect rather than making an abrupt call and reducing the chances of conversion. Secondly, in B2B sales processes, reaching the key influencers and decision makers is essential for lead conversion, and it is possible only when a rep has done ample research and gathered all the requisite information in CRM.

Power dialing combined with other sales acceleration tools like the sales dialer can do wonders to improve the sales rep productivity and add humongous value to sales. This is exactly what a business can achieve with Inside Sales Box, an all-in-one inside sales software.

Here are the key takeaways of using Inside Sales Box’s power dialing feature for B2B sales:

Choose leads for power dialing

Power dialing capability ensures structured approach to call by maintaining priority of leads as per rep’s requirement. A sales rep can assign a number of leads to My Call List depending on their priority criteria and let the power dialer perform its task of providing information about each contact one after another, and then the rep decides which contact to call up first while moving through the list.

Preview prospect-info before dialing

Just by knowing who you are going to call can make all the difference while pitching your product. Prior information about the prospect can help a sales rep tweak his pitch as per the prospect’s business requirement. Power dialers enable reps to tailor their messages, unlike predictive dialers which are designed to make calls on multiple numbers in a go, hence not giving a chance to reps for preparing before a call as they do not know who is going to answer next.     

Dialing at rep’s discretion – Skip/ Make call

A sales dialer places the entire authority of dialing a number in the hands of rep. Thus, letting a rep decide whether to call a contact or skip it in order to move to a next contact in the list depending upon his priority and requirement. This also helps to overcome the acute problem of call abandonment which is  prevalent in case of predictive dialer. Think about the impression a prospect will get when a call is connected but no one is available to take the call. But this is totally averted in power dialing as the rep is in charge of making a call.

Call session analytics for performance analysis

A sales manager can also review the performance of reps when analytics are applied on power dialing performance of each rep. Performance trend can be derived by analysing various criteria such as number of dials and connects, conversion ratio, etc. Evaluation of reps on the basis of such data will lead to identifying top performers, and can help to promote and implement the best practices across the team.


An ideal dialer technology is essential for a business; and for B2B sales processes, Power Dialer is a must!

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