Outbound Sales | Dial More to Sell more? | Intelligent Recycle strategies

7If you believe Predictive dialer should just go through the list of numbers and dial them to keep your agents busy, you probably have not kept pace with the advancement of the technology in contact centers. 

Today we will discuss a critical and often the most important aspect of predictive dialing. This applies to both on-premise and cloud based dialers. It is called Retry strategy or Recycle strategy of Outbound Sales.

If you have an average quality list, then by some estimates only 40 – 60% of the numbers would connect at the first try. When we say connect, means a human connect. Rest of the numbers would be busy, Answering machines, No answers. Some numbers will connect but it will not be a right party connect, like someone is not at home etc. 

Most dialers today give support for retry based on last dialer result. You can tell for example, try a No ANSWER after 3 hours. Some of these retry strategies are today governed by compliance also (OFCOMTCPA etc) and there are heavy fines. Example; OFCOM mandates an abandoned call should not be retried for 72 hours. We assume that the reader is already aware and using products and configurations which adhere to the regulations. Read the latest on regulations around Automatic Dialer Software to know more.   

However our discussion today goes beyond the last dialer result method. There are so many other factors that govern how one should treat the retries. Lets assume you got a phone busy. When should you try next? Well if it was a human being trying we would probably call back in 5 mins. Hmm so it’s simple lets keep the retry time for BUSY as 5 mins. What if the number was busy again? Now it gets interesting. If you are a Collections Agent and the other side is a repeat defaulter you probably want to try again. If you are a B2C sales guy you will definitely wait for more than 1 hour. At Inside Sales Box we understand that there are contexts around which retry times can be set which do not depend only on last attempt result but the history and the context. Sounds complex – Yeah if one gives you and interface to configure all this it will be complex and that is why we at Inside Sales Box are thinking about this differently. You could use Inside sales box’s power dialer to boost outbound sales .

Inside Sales Box has Intellicycle where, depending on the Business scenario you can set your Recycle strategy as NORMAL or AGGRESSIVE. For those who plan to play more and tweak, we have also provided a ‘Under the Hood’ settings. So for your Sales campaign you can set it as Normal and collections campaign you can set it as aggressive. This one simple setting improves your campaign right party connects by over 10% and allows you better Lead penetration in shorter time with more Right party Connects. 

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