Outbound B2C Sales | Who are you calling today?

In my previous post we discussed about Multiple leads and understanding priority and weightage. Today lets have a look at Filters. 

Filters allow the campaign management in cloud contact centers to “Tell” the outbound sales dialer which numbers should be called “now” from the leads/lists uploaded. It prioritizes the leads based on multiple parameters.



Filters could be defined on multiple criterias like Profile Information, Contact Status or Contact history, but should never be confused with Recycle/Retry strategies. They are usually temporary and are used to achieve a very specific objective in a certain time. 

Let’s assume you are a PayTV operator and wish to launch a recently released channel. Assume this is a Kid’s Channel. Presently, you have a list of existing customers already in your database (Leads) and would like to run a promotion for 2 days for this channel. 

Instead of calling everyone in your b2c sales lists, it might make more sense to create a filter on ‘age’ and call people between 30 – 40 for the purpose, as they are more likely to have children in their household. Even better if your registration process has ‘number of kids’ as a field in your CRM, then you can use that to create filters in your hosted solution. 

One is probably thinking that we could have achieved this by creating a new campaign also. Yes we could have, however, as mentioned if this promotion has to run for 2 days and is not a much planned activity then filters would solve it better. 

Another interesting example; let’s assume we are doing billing reminders/Accounts receivables Management through our dialer campaign. Also let’s assume that we have the information on preferred payment method of the customer like – cash pickup, Direct Debit, Mobile App and we were just informed that our Mobile App platform is facing some issue. It might be very productive to not call those customers who have preferred Mobile Payment in past and wait till our systems are back up. This is a temporary problem and filters allow us to intelligently handle variations and makes sure our Outbound Campaign productivity is high. 

Actionable – Discuss with your Business team/Operations team on needs of such variations and create filters based on them. Now Keep in sync with operations team and use filters to focus and to exclude a certain segment in your lead list.

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