LinkedIn Sales Navigator And Social Selling : The Art And Science of Selling


Many businesses are dwelling deep in this vast space of social selling. Facebook and Twitter had a lot of initial focus in this regard, but the game is changing with LinkedIn being the most comfortable option for sales reps to connect with prospects and for lead generation.

The Art and Science of Selling

If you have had the time to check LinkedIn sales navigator, you would have read their tag line, which correctly explains the motive of social selling and the navigator itself. The tag line says, ‘You know the art of selling. We can help with the science’. It is not just hit and trial method or cold calling tactics that run this particular marvellous tool. It has sophisticated background algorithms; to give you lead recommendations which are customised as per your business needs and prospect profiles.  

If you are wondering about hard facts and statistics before switching from traditional sales and marketing methods to start using LinkedIn sales navigator and social selling, here are some insights to make it a wee bit easier for you.

         Social selling leaders generate 45% more opportunities

         Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach quota

         78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media

The numbers are whooping. And, it would be rather stupid to not make that jump and start using an interesting sales tool, along with social selling tactics to boost sales and accelerate your company’s growth.

What does LinkedIn Sales Navigator offer?

Besides making it really easy for your sales team to get connected with prospects and pan out a list of ideal connections, it can do a lot more for your business.

  Custom lead generation based on your business needs

  Automatically sync accounts on which you are working or have accumulated over some time                with CRM sync

 Easily find new and promising leads with advanced search options

 Get real time sales updates about your prospects and customers

  Unlock full profiles for leads who aren’t in your network

  See who has shown interest in your products and services, view their profiles

  Reach out to other members with InMail option

  Get a paid account and start accessing your teammates network with TeamLink

  Measure and track your social selling efforts with Social Selling Index (SSI) dashboard

  See search results and operate directly from your Gmail

  Get amazing insights on the go with mobile app availability

   Build trusted relationships with colleagues and other members

  Earn quick and easy recommendations from other team members

  Reach out to different verticals and professionals across globe

  Cross selling benefits to accompany your products and services

   Focus on the right people, reach them at the most appropriate time of selling

This and more. Also, there is no rigid association that you need to get into with navigator. You can start using this sales tool by signing up for a free 30 day trial period. If it goes well with your business, you can always upgrade your account and start leveraging the benefits of social selling and sales navigator.

I hope this has given you the needed boost to make a head start and explore interesting sales tools like this. If you have more to add or tell us an instance, do drop a comment below. I would like to hear from you about interesting sales incidents.

Till then, Happy Selling!

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